Ivanka Trump Is ‘Riveted’ By Her Father, Thinks He ‘Intuits’ Things Others Cannot, WH Correspondent Claims

Public perception of Ivanka Trump and her role in the White House perplexes a lot of people. She’s not only President Donald Trump’s daughter, she’s his special assistant whose main agenda is advocating for working women. Despite those efforts, her silence on much of the negativity that surrounds her father is what many find vexing.

A White House correspondent familiar with Ivanka Trump and her views on working in Washington, D.C., revealed that the first daughter is a “spitting image” of her father “without a lot of the flash and style.”

Maggie Haberman, a White House correspondent with the New York Times, was interviewed by Katie Couric and Brian Goldsmith in a podcast that was released on Thursday, Newsweek reports. Haberman explained that Ivanka Trump thinks her father has can “intuit things that other people cannot.” The Times reporter said Ivanka really does think that her father has “got a genius” in this aspect and she’s “very riveted by it.”

Haberman shared that Ivanka went from being a “somewhat resentful daughter” to being more like Donald Trump in multiple ways. She may not be as flashy and over-the-top in her messages, but she’s disillusioned by how the president has been treated and feels the same way about her plight.

“She has a very similar set of grievances, she has a very similar sense that people are being unfair to her.”

Donald Trump is notably straightforward, brash, and often offensive with his words, but Ivanka has “always tried to refine his style,” Haberman adds. Her impact on his conduct is virtually nonexistent when you take into consideration how she addresses a room and is able to fully stay on message.

Ivanka Trump is frequently skewered on social media whenever she posts something. A lot of users criticize her for being “complicit” and voice their disgust that she stands by her father’s side no matter how racist or sexist he comes off in his messages on Twitter or on-camera.

Jared Kushner, Ivanka’s husband, stays in the background a bit more compared to her. The public has heard very little from the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser. Though he’s seen on camera in the West Wing on occasion, he rarely speaks with the press. Haberman admits that both Ivanka and Jared are difficult to read. She says Kushner is “chill,” “flat,” and “speaks as little as possible.”

One thing Haberman says Ivanka and Jared were blindsided by was the reality of how things would shake out once they arrived in D.C. The reception wasn’t quite what they expected and have had to accept the realities of how it is there.

“But this is not the life that they wanted and none of this is what they thought was going to happen. Like him, she believed they would walk in be treated sort of differentially and she’s been a little surprised at how D.C. really is.”

On another note, the question of how long Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner will remain in Washington has been presented since they moved there. Kushner said late last year that they aren’t going anywhere and that Ivanka is interested in purchasing a home there, which he said was a good sign. A source speaking with Page Six said the Washington power couple “love it” in Washington, and so do their kids. The source, said to be a friend of Ivanka’s, went on to say that she and Jared are “in it for the long haul.”