AppStand Turns Your Sophisticated iPhone Into A Picture Frame

Okay, I’ll bite, the AppStand after all looks very sleek compared to many of the iPhone and iPod docks currently available on the market, but that’s all it does, docks your iPhone with a nice viewing angle.

The AppStand is setup in such a way that the phones screen, microphone and speakers are exposed, allowing users to take advantage of the phones main features, while at the same time allowing for a simple method to show your phones display.

There are a bunch of uses for the frame, for example you can use it as a clock display on your desk at work, display your loved ones on your iPhone screen, or even offer a simple stand so you don’t have to hold your phone the entire time you’re using it.

The AppStand will be available for a very reasonable $20 starting on December 1st.

Here’s a video of the stand in action: