‘Teen Mom 2’: Police Called To Kailyn Lowry’s House After Scary Moment

Kailyn LowryInstagram

Teen Mom 2 star Kailyn Lowry got an unpleasant surprise on Wednesday night. The mother of three was awakened by police lights and cops at her front door after they claimed she had a scary incident happen at her Delaware home.

According to a set of tweets by Kailyn Lowry, the Teen Mom 2 star got little sleep on Wednesday night after her home alarm started going off. It seems that there may have been someone at her house, where her three young sons, Isaac Rivera, Lincoln Marroquin, and Lux Lowry, live. It is currently unclear whether the person was dangerous, an overzealous fan, or if they were looking to cause trouble for the MTV personality.

Kailyn Lowry revealed to fans via social media that she has cameras around the entire perimeter of her house, which includes a set of cameras on the inside of her house as well. The Teen Mom 2 fan favorite then explained that rewinding the footage to see who was at her home, and what they were doing there, is the worst part of the entire ordeal. She said it actually makes her “sick” to her stomach to think about someone trying to tamper with her house and/or her family members.

As many Teen Mom 2 fans already know, Kailyn Lowry is fiercely protective when it comes to her three boys. While she admits that she’s made parenting and life mistakes in the past, the reality mom recently opened up about picking up the pieces of her life, and turning over a new leaf when it comes to her future. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Kailyn says she would like to focus on her kids and her career and has a goal of making $1 million before she hits the age of 30.

In addition to her reality TV career, Kailyn Lowry is also a published author, releasing two memoirs and a children’s book. In fact, the Teen Mom is set to release her latest book very soon and will be working with her oldest son, Isaac, who will be drawing the photos for the children’s read.

Kailyn Lowry can be seen when Teen Mom 2 premieres a brand new season on MTV later this year.