Val Kilmer’s Chances Of Living Are Reportedly Bleak As Cancer Spreads To His Brain

Val Kilmer’s battle with cancer may have taken a bad turn. A year after the Top Gun star admitted that he had throat cancer, inside sources claim that the cancer has spread to his brain. If things don’t change soon, the actor’s chances of survival are bleak.

Kilmer On The Brink Of Death

A source told Radar Online that Kilmer’s health took a shocking turn after doctors discovered that he has brain cancer. Kilmer just celebrated turning 58 on New Year’s Eve, and his friends are worried that this will be his last birthday.

Kilmer battled throat cancer in 2015 and was forced to have a tracheal tube put in to aid in breathing. He eventually underwent chemotherapy and finally came clean about the disease last year. Sadly, it sounds like his battle with cancer isn’t over yet.

“It seems once the cancer metastasizes, it’s very hard to control — even with modern medicine,” a close friend of Kilmer shared. “But Val’s a devout Christian Scientist who believes a cure is possible through prayer and healing rather than chemotherapy and radiation. He eventually got treatment, but he may have waited too long. His chances seem bleak.”

Has The Cancer Spread?

Pals are worried that the cancer has spread to Kilmer’s lymph nodes. If that is the case, then the disease could pretty much end up anywhere in the body. We can only hope that Kilmer is still on his treatments and that the cancer is contained as quickly as possible.

The actor has not commented on the new cancer rumors and likely won’t in the near future. It took Kilmer years to come clean about throat cancer, and he is generally a very private person.

Inside Kilmer’s Battle With Throat Cancer

Kilmer’s battle with throat cancer took a major toll on his health. Apart from the tracheal tube, Kilmer lost a bunch of weight because of a lack of appetite. The insider revealed that his children try to take him out to his favorite vegan hotspots, but the actor only eats a few bites before getting full.

Kilmer is also much weaker and reportedly has a heart monitor whenever he goes out of the house. With his health quickly deteriorating, Kilmer has become reclusive and often hides whenever he goes out in public.

Kilmer Turns To Art To Cope With Health Problems

While it sounds like Kilmer is on the verge of death, he has picked up a new hobby. The Tombstone star has reportedly turned to art to help deal with his health situation and has been painting, drawing, and sculpting to get through the tough times. A source revealed that Kilmer’s house is now full of his artful creations, which are best characterized as being pop and abstract art. He has also made amends with his estranged brother, with whom he had a major falling out because of his religious beliefs.

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As a Christian Scientist, Kilmer does not believe in using modern medicine to heal disease. Despite his devout religious beliefs, Val Kilmer did undergo chemotherapy to fight the throat cancer, though it is unclear if he will do the same if the cancer pops up again.