Deaf Man’s Snow Sculpture Tells His Neighbors ‘I Love You’

Deaf Man's snow sculpture

A Reddit user by the name of ChanceyGardener has posted a picture to the social networking site of a sculpture created by his deaf neighbor that reads, ‘I love you.’

ChanceyGardener also added the message, “A few days ago I saw my neighbor, a deaf man, building what I thought was a snowman. Yesterday he finished his masterpiece.” This snow creation is sign language for ‘I love you,’ but it also has many other meanings.

Fans of the University of Texas football team, the Longhorns, use this as a symbol of support, whilst in countries such as Argentina, Cuba, Italy, Spain and Uruguay, it is seen as an insult.

However, over 250 comments have since appeared on ChanceyGardener’s Reddit page, with many going on to praise the sculpture and its message, whilst others debate whether the designer was actually intending to show his support for the local football team instead.

Jdi_nit states, “I can tell by the plates on the car it’s in North Dakota. Saturday the NDSU Bison won the National Championship in football and this is a common gesture known as showing the “horns”. He’s supporting the Football team folks.”

Other users then went on to debate the different dialects associated with American sign language, with tcgunner90 writing, “I just want to point out that ASL has dialects. Depending on where you are, it’s quite common for sings to vary a bit.”

What do you think of the sculpture? Do you think he meant to declare his love for his neighbors?