‘Little People, Big World’ Fans Overwhelmed With Photo Of Matt, Amy Roloff Together With Grandchildren

Matt Roloff/Instagram

The cast of Little People, Big World has been through a lot in the past few years, particularly Matt and Amy, who went through an ugly divorce a couple of years ago. This decision by the beloved couple not only took a toll on their loved ones but also on the fans of the show and the Roloff family, in particular.

This is why fans of the hit reality series were delighted to see Matt and Amy together in one photo. Matt was carrying their granddaughter, Ember Jean, while Amy had their grandson, Jackson, on her lap. What made the photo even more adorable was how Matt and Amy were looking at their grandchildren with so much affection and happiness.

“Amy and I putting the grad-babies [sic] in front and center at Jacob’s 21st birthday party night,” Matt said. “Happy 21st bday to the one and only original “baby J”.

Matt and Amy, along with their grandchildren, were on hand to celebrate the 21st birthday of their youngest son, Jacob. In fact, everybody was in attendance, except for their daughter, Molly, and her husband, Joel. Based on the photos Matt shared, as well as the videos other members of the Roloff family shared on Instagram Stories, the former couple’s new love interests were not at Jacob’s birthday dinner, either.

A number of fans were quite surprised yet extremely delighted to see Matt and Amy together for their son Jacob. Not a few of them commended the two for staying friends despite their divorce.

“You both have the strength and courage to have a great friendship after marriage and in this world today that is hard to come by,” said one follower. “The most important thing in life is family, friends and happiness and as long as y’all continue having that y’all will forever be at peace.”

“Beautiful picture,” said one follower. “I wish more people could remain as amicable after a divorce.”

The fan also said that Matt and Amy are the perfect example of “how to keep a family together, even when things change.”

“Though deep down, obviously from the outside looking in and only knowing.0003 percent of your lives, I still think you are soul mates.”

Other followers stressed that it was great to see Matt and Amy put family first despite their differences.

“Family first no matter what or where life has lead each one,” one fan said, “Standing together shoots down any negativity.”

The fact that Matt and Amy are still seen together shouldn’t come as a surprise. Despite the divorce, they still both live on and manage Roloff Farms. As a matter of fact, both were quite busy during last year’s pumpkin season.

There have been persistent rumors that the two are not too keen on being around each other. This started after Amy, mainly seen as the villain here, arranged at least a couple of family get-togethers where Matt was not around while her boyfriend, Chris Marek, got to be there. Fans speculated that Amy deliberately excluded Matt from Thanksgiving dinner and Jacob’s early birthday party. Matt has since shot down such “fake news” in a Facebook post, as the Hollywood Gossip reported.