This Person Has Competed In The Most-Ever Matches On ‘WWE Raw’


On January 22, WWE will be celebrating 25 years of their flagship show, Monday Night Raw. What started off in 1993 as a one-hour show with top stars and enhancement talent turned out to create dozens of memorable moments that have been talked about countlessly. Recently, WWE released their top 25 Raw moments of all-time, as voted by the fans. Some of them consisted of X-Pac upsetting Razor Ramon on May 17, 1993, Vince McMahon introducing Eric Bischoff as the Raw general manager on July 15, 2002, Shane McMahon’s return on February 25, 2016, D-Generation X invading WCW on April 27, 1998, Brock Lesnar returning on April 2, 2012, and Chris Jericho making his WWE debut on August 9, 1999.

A very interesting point of the top 25 moments in Raw history is that one of most consistent names throughout the active tenure of the program, Kane, was not featured in any of these choices. In fact, Kane does not appear until No. 52, when he unmasked for the first time on June 23, 2003. He was also No. 62, when he hugged it out with Daniel Bryan, as well as No. 77, when The Undertaker accepted his challenge for WrestleMania XIV, and No. 81, when Snitsky punted Kane and Lita’s “baby.” Despite these lower ranks, Kane is the ironman of Raw, as he has competed in the most matches at 435 and counting.

Despite making his debut on October 7, 1997, at the Bad Blood pay-per-view, Kane only competed at the infamous 1997 Survivor Series, defeating Mankind, along with a live event at Madison Square Garden on November 15. While appearing numerous times, his first match on Raw was not until March 2, 1998, when he and Steve Austin battled to a no contest. His next Raw match was three months later, as he pinned The Undertaker. His matches would become more frequent on Raw starting in June of 1998, picking up wins against Road Dogg, Steve Austin, and others in the following weeks.

On the July 13, 1998, episode of Raw, Kane would win the WWE Tag Team Championship with Mankind by defeating Billy Gunn and Road Dogg. They would lose the titles to Steve Austin and The Undertaker at the Fully Loaded: In Your House pay-per-view on July 26, before regaining them a few weeks later on August 10, 1998, again on Raw.

At nearly 51, and 20 years later, Kane is still creating moments on Raw as he has the chance to become the WWE Universal Champion. Over the past few months, Kane has shown on the flagship show why he is still the Big Red Machine, dominating his competition and demanding an opportunity for the title.