Father Of Two Plunges To His Death In Zorbing Accident [Video]

A 27-year-old father of two has fallen to his death in a horrific zorbing accident, which saw him plunge off the side of a mountain inside a giant inflatable ball. The entire incident was also captured on video, which you can view at the foot of the page.

Denis Burakov was inside the ride with Vladimir Scherbov, who was hospitalised with a concussion and several injuries to his head and body, when the ‘orb’ sped out of control after it was supposed to come to a halt at the bottom of a Russian mountain.

The accident was immediately recognised by the ride’s instructor after the ball lurched first to the right and then to the left of its designated area. Another man, who was placed further down the mountain, was supposed to be ready to catch it if it went off track.

However as it was pushed down the slope a man’s voice can be heard saying, “Oh f***, it’s gone in the wrong direction again.”

He then follows this up by screaming, “Hold it, hold it! Hold!” before adding, “Ah well, it’s OK, it’ll stop by itself.”

But then the ball smashed through rocks placed at the foot of the mountain before then disappearing as it falls over the cliff’s edge.

Sergei Shuvayev, a local police commander, stated that, “The orb went off for about one and a half kilometres, jumping on the rocks and hitting them.” It then stopped on Peacock’s Eye, a frozen lake, but it still took the rescuers a long time to reach Mr Burakov and Scherbov.

You can check out a video of the incident below.