Deadpool Tweets Birthday Wishes To Betty White

It is Betty White’s 96th birthday, and in honor of the former Golden Girls star’s big day, it seems that Deadpool has a special message for the woman that many people have called a “national treasure.” It should come as no surprise to fans of Ryan Reynolds and Deadpool that White’s birthday would be a cause for celebration, especially as the first movie referenced the Golden Girls more than once, and the name of his katanas are Bea and Arthur.

Betty White has herself been a part of the promotions for the Deadpool movies, sharing a video in which she told people to go out and see the first movie when it was released. She even gave the film “four Golden Girls,” which she said was a big honor. Although Deadpool has long shared his love for many things, such as chimichangas and his girlfriend Vanessa, he has always shared his appreciation for the Golden Girls as well.

As ComicBook reported, in honor of Betty White’s birthday, Deadpool actually took to Twitter in order to send the actress a special message. On the official Twitter page for the movies, the character sent a very special happy birthday to White, offering “cheers to another year of ‘Tinis and Weenies.” To go along with the tweet, not only were the emojis included for hot dogs and martinis, but there was also a picture of Deadpool.

In the picture that accompanied the birthday tweet to Betty White, Deadpool can be seen lying down with a hot dog in one hand and a martini in the other. Sitting in front of him is a framed picture of White as she appears to be eating a hot dog.

Deadpool has never shied away from proclaiming his appreciation for The Golden Girls, especially considering he named his katanas after Betty White’s co-star on the show, Bea Arthur. It is likely that there will still be more references to the series and the stars of the show when the sequel comes out later this year. Perhaps the other two members of the cast will get their own mentions from the character or the actor himself.

Deadpool was not the only person to send birthday wishes to Betty White. In fact, with the actress’ name trending on social media, there are plenty of people sending their appreciation for White and offering their own wishes hoping that she has a wonderful day.