Jef Holm Bets Big Money On Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s ‘Bachelor’ Romance

Robert BensonGetty Images

Jef Holm has bet big money on Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor romance. There is no love lost between these two men and things are about to get even more heated now that Luyendyk Jr. knows what Holm has done.

The Bachelor has been in full swing for about three weeks. As fans tune in to see which lady wins the heart of the race car driver, his nemesis has bet the romance won’t last.

Holm used social media to make a $5,000 wager that the new Bachelor’s romance would not even last a year. He shared that he will donate the money to the charity of Chris Harrison’s choice.

The tweet lets Bachelor Nation fans know his opinion of the new season. It doesn’t matter who gets the final rose the relationship is doomed. Harrison has not commented on the bet yet.

Although Harrison hasn’t spoken out about Holm’s wager, the new Bachelor had thoughts after it was brought to his attention. In an interview with Access Live, he revealed that he hasn’t talked to the entrepreneur in over four years. He also shared that he does not understand where Holm’s animosity stems from.

Even though they both competed for Emily Maynard’s heart, at point the men had moved past that and were friends. Those days are long though and Luyendyk Jr has more important things going on in his life than to worry about what his former friend thinks.

Jef Holm has bet $5,000 that Arie Luyendyk Jr.’s Bachelor romance won’t last one year and social media is going crazy over it. Both Harrison and the new Bachelor have not addressed the bet, but Twitter users are putting their two-cents in on the subject.

The comments section of his bet Tweet was flooded with remarks calling Jeff angry, jealous and bitter. Users took the opportunity to remind The Bachelorette alum that his reality romance with Maynard lasted a hot second.

He didn’t have any support from social media regarding his wager. In fact almost all users clapped back at him for making such an awful bet against another person.

Luyendyk Jr. has said he fell in love on the show, with a couple of different women. Only time will tell if his love will last and if Holm has to follow through on his bet.