NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Reportedly Shopping Jerian Grant

Jonathan Daniel Getty Images

Add Chicago Bulls’ guard Jerian Grant to the list of players the Bulls are shopping before the NBA trade deadline. There is some growing speculation that the Bulls will be looking into the trade value of Jerian Grant, a backup point guard with some scoring ability.

According to the Chicago Tribune, the Bulls are beginning to make calls for Grant. It is possible that the third-year guard could become an add-on in a large trade made by the Chicago Bulls within the next three weeks. Jerian Grant joins a list including Nikola Mirotic, Robin Lopez, and Justin Holiday as Chicago Bulls’ players which could be shopped.

The Chicago Bulls acquired Jerian Grant in the NBA trade (courtesy of NBC Sports Chicago) which sent Derrick Rose to the New York Knicks. Grant has yet to fully establish himself after a season and a half with the Bulls.

Jerian Grant began the season as the Chicago Bulls’ starting point guard, only to lose the job to second-year guard Kris Dunn. Despite losing his spot on the Bulls, Grant is averaging 7.8 points, 4.7 assists, and 2.3 rebounds per contest.

Those are solid numbers for a backup point guard. The speculation regarding why Jerian Grant lost his starting job to Kris Dunn was that the former was not as dynamic as a player in comparison.


How does the Chicago Bulls view the trade value of Jerian Grant remains to be seen. What is for certain is that the best that the Bulls would be able to get for him is a second round pick. Getting back a second-rounder for Jerian Grant is a solid return for the Bulls, however, the Bulls can get more if they were to include him in a larger trade.

The Chicago Bulls will likely trade Nikola Mirotic before the February 8 trade deadline. If the Bulls were to include Jerian Grant in the trade of Mirotic, the Bulls could guarantee themselves a first round pick. The Bulls could get a similar return if they were to include Grant in a trade with Robin Lopez. A good bet is that Grant and Mirotic will be shipped out together.

With several NBA trade rumors indicating that the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz are having discussions about Nikola Mirotic. If the Bulls were to include Jerian Grant with Nikola Mirotic in the trade with the Jazz they could get a pick with some lottery protections and a potential rotational player. That is good enough for the Chicago Bulls.