Camille Grammer Explains Her Comment About Dorit Kemsley’s Drinking, Kyle Richards Responds

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Camille Grammer said that Dorit Kemsley tended to talk and drink too much during last night’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and right away, Kyle Richards was taken aback.

Because Kyle Richards has seen her sister Kim’s alcohol struggles play out on the show, she was immediately concerned about how Camille Grammer’s comment could impact Dorit Kemsley’s future and her family. That said, Grammer claims she was only commenting on the behavior she had witnessed from her co-star.

“There is nothing unfair about my statement under the circumstances,” Camille Grammer wrote on January 16, adding that she did not mean any disrespect.

According to Camille Grammer, there isn’t anything wrong with her stating that Dorit Kemsley had been drinking too much because, as she noted, “she was.”

As fans will recall from last week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 8, Dorit Kemsley took aim at Camille Grammer for no reason at all and said with her co-stars watching that Grammer was a “stupid c**t.” Right away, the dinner table expressed shock.

“I totally get your [point of view],” Kyle Richards wrote in response to Camille Grammer’s tweet. “She did have too much to drink.”

Kyle Richards continued on, explaining to Camille Grammer that her concern about her drinking comment was due to the possibility of rumors of a drinking problem. As she explained, some people don’t understand the difference between drinking too much in a social setting and being an alcoholic and she didn’t want a rumor to be started in regard to Dorit Kemsley’s drinking habits.

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Following Kyle Richards’ Twitter post, Camille Grammer said that she agreed with her co-star and wouldn’t want to start a rumor about the mother of two.

For years, Kyle Richards’ sister, Kim, was seen struggling with alcohol abuse as cameras rolled for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. However, after getting sober a couple of years ago, Kim has been seen on the series less and less.

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