Alligator Vs. Python: Reptiles Battle It Out On A Florida Golf Course As Golfers Calmly Stood Watching

It’s not uncommon for a person in Florida to see an alligator casually strolling on the ground. It’s also not unusual to see a python slithering in the middle of the street. But when these two reptiles come together in a battle, that’s a unique sight.

On Friday, Dr. Richard Nadler was enjoying some golf with his friends when he stumbled upon a scene that people won’t get to see every day. While alligators crossing golf courses are a usual occurrence, one that is caught up in a fight with a giant snake is epic — and Nadler just happened to capture photos of the wildlife battle that took place in The Golf Club at Fiddler’s Creek in Naples.

It may sound exciting to see the reptiles in a stand-off but Nadler told WSAV that the two creatures were doing nothing.

“There was no grappling going on, nothing.”

Nadler described that the non-native species’ head was caught inside the alligator’s mouth. The gator, on the other hand, was just staying still and wide-eyed. What’s more fascinating is that the gator just stayed there despite the people in golf carts surrounding them and taking pictures.

“We don’t normally see these animals entwined or having a fight or fighting for their life or whatever, but in this case the alligator is wrapped with this python.”

It was unclear as to which reptile took home the trophy but there are people who said that the commotion ended when the alligator dragged the python into the water. Nadler said it was assumed the alligator had won the battle.

The Burmese python’s predatory skills are impressive — they can kill much larger animals just by cutting off their prey’s blood supply. The snake’s crushing power can break its prey’s ribs and choke them to death. They can also be challenging opponents for alligators.

However, the gators have a strong bite force. In fact, it’s the strongest, measured at 3,700 pounds per square inch, National Geographic reported. When an alligator grabs prey with its mouth, it would be almost impossible for an animal to make an escape.

Nadler posted photos of the encounter on Facebook, and they had earned social media attention with over 20,000 shares by Tuesday afternoon. While there are people who were in awe, some didn’t believe Nadler’s photos and thought that they were digitally manipulated.