Trump Weighs 339 Pounds, Not 239, BP Faked, Claims Rogue WH Snr Advisor Twitter Account

Alex WongGetty Images

Controversy already erupted when Dr. Ronny Jackson’s name was spelled incorrectly as “Ronnie,” leading some members of the public to believe that President Donald Trump’s so-called “excellent health” initial report was faked by the White House, as reported by the Inquisitr. Now that controversy has continued, with new allegations from a popular Twitter account that claims to leak news directly from the West Wing.

According to CNN, Jackson claimed that Trump has “incredible genes” that allow him to weigh in at 239 pounds on a frame that is supposedly six feet, three inches tall. This height and weight makes it just under the obese category and allows Trump to fall into the overweight category – a notion that wasn’t lost on social media users, nor reporters who questioned how Trump could get such a great bill of health in spite of Trump’s alleged constant diet of fast food, funnel cakes, and a dozen daily Diet Coke drinks.

Reports that alleged Trump was already changing his weight on the report to 199 pounds – before White House staff allegedly told Trump to be realistic – preceded the new report that claims Trump has lopped 100 pounds off of his current alleged weight. With Trump previously weighing 236 pounds in 2016, as Trump discussed with Dr. Oz in the below video, folks are not buying the idea that Trump has only gained three pounds since that time. Dr. Jackson’s fear of Trump is at the heart of the new allegations.

As seen in the below tweet from the “Rogue WH Snr Advisor” account, Trump’s diet of McDonald’s, red meat, and vanilla ice cream has caused his weight to surge to 339 pounds, not 239 pounds. The Twitter account blames Dr. Jackson’s alleged fear of “Trump’s fury” as the reason for fudging Trump’s weight and blood pressure numbers.


Although Dr. Jackson chalked Trump’s health up to great genes, people in the comments section of the above tweet aren’t buying the reports. President Trump, according to the Alabama Media Group, enjoys a blood pressure of 122/74 and a resting heart rate is 68. Those blood pressure numbers have folks calling foul and comparing their own healthier lifestyles to such excellent blood pressure numbers.

Dr. Jackson did admit that he wants to encourage Trump to exercise, however, Trump notoriously hates exercise and believes that working out shortens lives.

As seen in the below Twitter Moment about Trump’s “girth,” folks are providing proof that Trump likely isn’t as tall as he says he is.