Best Mental Health Apps That Could Help Look After Your Well-Being


Millions of people around the world are suffering from mental health conditions every year. Among these conditions that are now the third most common reason for hospitalizations include depression, mood disorders, and bipolar disorder. The good news is that there are available apps that could help look after your mental health and well-being and prevent you from acquiring mental health conditions.

These mental health apps focus on improving and protecting your mental health. The volunteer reviewers are professionals with degrees in medicine, psychology, counseling, and social work.

The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) and Medical News Today have shared these following apps that are efficient and could be easily accessed:


This app applies meditation and mindfulness to reduce your stress and anxiety. It reports that meditation could enhance focus and attention and diminish your stress. It features skills that include meditation practice, breathing exercises, mindfulness and cognitive diffusion, and tips for relaxation and concentration. These skills could be applied to those who have anxiety and depressive disorders, PTSD, and OCD. However, it is not a treatment substitute for those with severe anxiety and other extreme disorders. You could use this app free of charge with your Android or iPhone.


2. Pacifica

Pacifica features tools that tackle the daily anxiety and stress of a person. They are best used in combination with therapy. The app could help you remove unhelpful and unwanted thoughts, feelings, and behaviors using CBT, mindfulness meditation, mood tracking, and relaxation. It is also free of charge.

3. Calm

Calm aims to make you happy and reduce your anxiety. It will also help you sleep soundly. This free app became Apple’s “App of the Year” in 2017. It features meditation sessions, lasting from three to 25 minutes, that could lighten your stress. It also has breathing programs, music, and sounds that could relax your mind and body.


4. Breathe2Relax

This is a simple app that is conceptualized by the National Center for Telehealth & Technology. It will help you manage your stress through its breathing techniques. This is best used by those who are stressed or with PTSD and anxiety disorders. Its helpful tools include a video demo, reading materials, and charts to monitor your progress.

5. Moodpath

Moodpath provides you questionnaires that will evaluate your mental health and tell you if you have symptoms of depression. Its screening process could enhance your awareness regarding your emotions and thoughts. After two weeks, it will deliver a report that you could discuss with a healthcare professional. The free app also features 150 videos and psychological exercise that could help you assess your mood and boost your mental health and well-being.