Former White House Staff’s Viral Tweet Tells A Lot About Barack Obama’s Presidency And Immigrant Issues

Gary Lee's first public tweets win wide attention contrasting Barack Obama with Donald Trump.

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Gary Lee's first public tweets win wide attention contrasting Barack Obama with Donald Trump.

A former White House staff member who worked under former President Barack Obama, tweeted his first public tweet to describe a heart-warming moment he shared with Obama. The emotional tweets by the former White House staff member talked about his last day at the White House and indirectly depicts Barack Obama’s take on immigrants.

Gary Lee, a Korean American from Albuquerque, New Mexico, used to serve as an assistant staff secretary under Barack Obama. On Saturday, Gary Lee — who has been active on Twitter from a long time, but only ever re-tweeting remarks, tweeted about his last day at the White House and how a small meeting with Barack Obama proved that the great American dream is indeed possible.

In the series of tweets, which are now gone viral, Gary Lee began describing in detail how, on deciding to leave the White House in 2011 in order to accept a Fulbright Scholarship in South Korea, he went to bid goodbye to then President Barack Obama.

Barack Obama welcomed Gary Lee by saying “Hello” in Korean. The emotional moment was beautifully captured by White House photographer Pete Souza.

In the NBC report, officials revealed the entire Donald Trump-Korean American woman incident. Gary Lee was reportedly shocked into action, as he said after Donald Trump reportedly interrupted an intelligence briefing to ask the nationality of a Korean American woman.

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Reportedly, President Donald Trump asked why the “pretty Korean lady” was not negotiating peace with North Korea on their behalf.

In the series of tweets, Lee narrated about his mother and how she arrived in the United States when she was just 18, and his father when he was 26. Lee’s parents worked full-time and part-time jobs and opened a small business.

Lee concluded his tweet by asking a simple question, “In what other country is that even possible? In what other country are you allowed to dream, and despite all odds, pursue and achieve your dreams?” and how a chubby, Asian kid got the opportunity to work for Barack Obama.

During Gary Lee’s conversation with MSNBC, he stated that it is not about his story in particular but the current atmosphere of the time when Barack Obama and his entire family inspired an entire generation to achieve the impossible dreams and to finally believe in the great American dream where everything is possible.