Steubenville High School Placed On Lockdown After Shooting Threat

steubenville schools lockdown

Steubenville, OH – Steubenville schools were placed on lockdown on Tuesday after a shooting threat was posted online. Officials at the Ohio school note that security personnel were kept at all district schools throughout the morning.

The nationwide media attention in the wake of the alleged rape of a girl who was allegedly passed out after drinking has garnered reportedly prompted the threat.

Police officers searched at the Steubenville school buildings shortly after 8:30 am, according to WTOV News. Students remained inside the school during the searches. Local police officers cleared the buildings shortly after 10 am.

School Superintendent Mike McVey stated that security officers will remain in place at the Steubenville school district until further notice, according to the New York Daily News. Ma’lik Richmond and Trent Mays, both 16, will go on trial for the rape of the unnamed girl next month.

The former legal guardians of one of the football players accused of raping the 16-year-old girl discussed their thoughts on the young man who had been living in their home. Jennifer and Greg Agresta had this to say about Richmond during the Today show interview:

“We weren’t with him, obviously, when he found out. I think everybody was surprise. It was out of character for Ma’lil, and everybody was in shock. It doesn’t matter to us. We love him regardless of what happened that evening.”

Although Richmond remains in the Agresta home under house arrest, the Greg and Jennifer are no longer his legal guardians. The Ohio couple took the accused rapist into their home when he was 8.