In New York Museums Interact With Visitors

A new installation at the New York Hall of Science is generating quite the buzz. Titled Common Weathers, the new exhibit is a cloud-like structure that hangs over patrons and changes based on the reflection of light around the museum.

The museum wanted a new exhibit that would examine links between culture, urbanization, sustainability and immigration using art and science.

To pull of the spectacle of the exhibit the ceiling had to be made of of over 5,000 mylar panels cut by laser and arranged to allow different levels of transparency. The structure is then held in place by giant wood rings with the panels starting to taper near the bottom.

What a patron sees in each exhibit then depends on where they stand, creating a completely unique experience.

Inside of the tapering structures are blinking lights that interact with the public. Visitors can text the “clouds” questions and comments. Lights will then blink directing the visitor to the spot in the exhibit with their answer.

Mashable reports that the New York Hall of Science collaborated with The Living, Arup and SOFTlab to create the complex installation.

Common Weathers is part of a larger installation at the New York Hall of Science titled ReGeneration. The installation presents work from various artists and attempts to reflect on New York City’s cultural diversity. The show runs through January 13.

Here are a few pictures of the Common Weathers exhibit:

NYSCI - Common Weathers



What do yo think, are you excited about this new exhibit at the New York Hall of Science?