'Celebrity Big Brother' Spoilers: 'CBB US' House Photos Released - Glam New Look For Celeb Edition

Celebrity Big Brother spoilers keep rolling out, and today CBS reality show fans got their first look at the Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house. One thing is for sure. The network has designed luxe digs that are way fancier than the usual kitschy look they design for regular seasons of the show. In addition to the stylish interior, production erected a roof over the backyard so that the celebrities won't be subject to random vagaries of California winter rains - just whatever Big Brother decides to throw at them! Here is your first look at the highlights of the CBB US house that we've seen so far from photos released by the network on social media.

Hollywood Star Is Front and Center

Although it remains to be seen whether the houseguests coming into the CBB US house are true "celebrities" rather than wannabes (or has-beens), all will tread across a flashy star when they enter the Big Brother house. There's also a giant wall of glamorous lights that call to mind backstage dressing rooms and theater marquees. When BB host Julie Chen tweeted a pic of the entrance, she shared the detail that the "theme of the house is high-end glamour" in honor of the "first ever celebrity cast."

BB Shakeup - Everyone Gets Their Own Bed!

Another huge reveal from the preview of the Celebrity Big Brother house is that every houseguest will have an individual bed. This varies significantly from the usual sleeping arrangements in the BB house. The question is whether the celebrities will stay in their own racks or cozy up together. One of the highlights of watching Big Brother live feeds is to see the bed swapping going on between the HGs, but will the celebs be casual with their sleeping arrangements? Watchers of Celebrity Big Brother UK have certainly seen some action.

It's Hip To Be Square

To quote the old Huey Lewis and the News song, it's hip to be square in the Celebrity Big Brother house. Both the dining room table and the kitchen island are square in CBB US. It's a first for the dining table to be square, and as you can see, there are 10 chairs at the table which indicates there will be far fewer celebrity competitors than there usually are in a regular season of BB. This makes sense given the drastically shorter season of less than a month and just 13 episodes. There are still no confirmations yet on who will make up the 10.


LA Skyline Is The Backdrop

Another feature of the new Big Brother: Celebrity Edition house is that, for the first time, there will be a cohesive theme for the living room, dining room, and kitchen. There is an LA skyline mural set up behind the faux windows across the space, so the house has a consistent feel. There is also a fish tank in the living room, as you can see below but no shots were included in the preview of the HoH room.

It remains to be seen if there will be fish in the upstairs bedroom as well. We're less than three weeks away from the February 7 premiere of CBB US and 12 days away from the cast announcement that's rumored to be made during the Grammys on CBS on January 28.

Julie Chen did a live streaming video today and reminded viewers that they need to change their DVR settings. If you have Big Brother on auto-record, that setting will not grab CBB US according to Chen. To set your DVR, she advises viewers to use Big Brother: Celebrity Edition as your search and record criteria. Click here for the full schedule of the upcoming CBB US season.

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