'Destiny 2' January Faction Rallies Event Is Live, Lost Sector Cooldown Added, And More Info

The first Faction Rallies event of 2018 arrived in Destiny 2 Tuesday following the release of a hotfix patch to the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. A slightly updated version of the monthly event is now available with a chance to earn new weapons, gear, and now ornaments and other cosmetic items too.

Lost Sector Cooldown

Bungie attempted to fix the Lost Sector farming method Destiny 2 players discovered during the November Faction Rallies event via a hotfix patch in December. Here is what Bungie originally explained it was doing to fix the exploit.
"Players can no longer loot the same chest multiple times in quick succession for Faction Rally tokens."
This appears to have been implemented via a cooldown timer that unfortunately extends to all Lost Sector chests and not just a single chest. Bungie Director Christopher Barrett clarified the issue in a post to the Destiny 2 official forums.
"We're aware of player reports about Lost Sectors not granting rewards. There was a throttle added to address an issue in the previous Faction Rallies where players were earning 500 Tokens per hour."

"Right now if a player opens more than 2 Chests in a 10 minute period they will not receive additional rewards from Lost Sector chests for 10 minutes. This does not prevent players from completing milestones related to Lost Sector chests."

About Faction Rallies

The Future War Cult Faction Rally Armor in Destiny 2.

The concept of the Faction Rallies event is for Guardians to pledge their allegiance to one of the three Factions in the Tower – Dead Orbit, New Monarchy, and Future War Cult. They then venture out to earn tokens through various activities and daily milestones in Destiny 2 such as Strikes, Crucible matches, Public Events, and Lost Sectors. The tokens are then turned into the pledge faction for a Faction Package containing armor, emblems, shaders, and now weapons, too.

Bungie will keep track of the number of Faction Packages handed out by each Faction leaders across the PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The faction that gives the most packages will be declared the winner and offer a weapon to those were pledged to it for just 1,000 Glimmer. Everyone else will have to play 50,000 Glimmer.


The Dead Orbit Faction Rally armor in Destiny 2.

The weapons available to win in Destiny 2's January Faction Rallies are all Auto Rifles in an apparent attempt to make the event fairer. Future War Cult offers up The Doubt, Dead Orbit Hollow Earth, and New Monarchy Loquitor IV.

Additionally, each Faction Package has the chance to reward faction-specific armor, class items, and faction-specific weapons along with a pool of standard gear. Bungie has also added Ghost, Ships, and Sparrows as a possible reward. Exotic Engrams also have a slight chance to drop as well.


With the removal of the Lost Sector Token farming in Destiny 2, the best way to earn tokens is to complete the Daily Faction milestones and then run through the various activities. Nightfall Strikes will reward 10 to 18 Faction Tokens while regular Strikes will reward five to nine Faction Tokens. A Heroic Public Event rewards five Faction Tokens and Lost Sector Loot Chests only reward three Faction Tokens.

When it comes to the most Tokens in the shortest amount of time, Heroic Public Events still leads as it is possible to complete two to three in the time it takes to complete a Strike.

It is possible to pledge up to three Guardians to different Factions. This ensures you will be able to purchase the winning weapon at 1,000 Glimmer and gives you a chance to earn the faction-specific weapons from the packages.

Note that Factions will drop rewards up to 30 rank ups. Faction packages will only grant Shaders after that.

Faction Rallies will run until the Destiny 2 Weekly Reset scheduled for next Tuesday, January 23.