WWE News: Why Was The Curb Stomp Unbanned? -- Seth Rollins And Other Superstars React To Its Return

Last night on Monday Night Raw, the main event brought forth a huge match between Seth Rollins and Finn Balor that ended with a move that fans thought was banned forever. That's right, the finish of the match saw Rollins bounce off the ropes and deliver a Curb Stomp (aka Blackout) to Balor which led to the pin in the center of the ring. A lot of WWE superstars reacted to its return, but what led to it being no longer banned?

Fans were given a great treat last night as Seth Rollins took on Finn Balor that could easily headline any pay-per-view at any given time. Near the end of the match, there was a lot of interference from The Bar, members of Balor Club, and Jason Jordan, but the finish came as a shock with Rollins breaking out the Curb Stomp as recapped by the official website of WWE.

Well, the announcers labeled it the "Blackout," but everyone knew what they were seeing and how awesome it was to see it again. The only thing is that no-one quite knew why Rollins had broken it out again when it had been banned so long ago.

Needless to say, but the Curb Stomp is back.

As one may have expected, Finn Balor was not overly thrilled to see the return of a move that ended up putting him down for the pinfall.Like some other moves in the past -- piledriver, Muscle Buster, punt kick, Vertebreaker -- the Curb Stomp had been banned by Vince McMahon. As reported last year by Wrestling Inc., Seth Rollins said Vince banned it because it was not a good way for the superstar to represent WWE and that it would "never come back."

As the old saying goes, one can never say never and that is especially true in professional wrestling.

There has been no exact reason as to why the Curb Stomp aka Blackout was allowed to return, but Rollins wouldn't have done it unless given the go-ahead. Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet had an idea of the reasoning behind his return when asked about it being "unbanned."

As things stand, it certainly seems like Seth Rollins has a new-old finisher, and fans are certainly much happier to see it over his knee to his opponent's face. CBS Sports believes it was good to "have a flash of the old heel Rollins back in WWE."

It is not known what caused WWE to lift its ban on the Curb Stomp, but Seth Rollins shocked the fans and Finn Balor with one on Monday Night Raw last night. He was able to pick up a huge victory and celebrated with his interim tag team partner in Jason Jordan, but will it be back regularly? By the way Rollins and others in WWE reacted to it on social media, it does appear as if the "Blackout" will be seen much more often now.