Maci Bookout Not Apologizing To 'Teen Mom OG' Viewers

Maci Bookout seems to do what she wants even though she may not have the support of people in her life. Since the Teen Mom OG star got married, Maci has the support of her husband Taylor McKinney, and it sounds like they do everything together as a team. They are both passionate about their success and have worked together on their clothing line, including their Things That Matter T-shirt business. Even though it was Taylor's dream to own a T-shirt business, Maci Bookout worked with him to get it to a successful point before stepping back. When Maci is going through a rough time, Taylor is there to listen to her issues.

According to a new retweet shared by Maci on her timeline, she's sending the message that she's not apologizing for her passions. In the original tweet, she's referencing the greatest passion, so she could be talking about something she wants to pursue. It's also possible that she's talking about something personal, like her relationship with Mackenzie Standifer, as the two haven't gotten along. One can imagine she's not apologizing to her about her decisions in regard to how she's handling Ryan Edwards' drug issues. She hasn't agreed with Mackenzie's comments that she's enabling his drug use.

"Just know, the area of your greatest passion is also likely to be the area you'll be most misunderstood. Not everyone will get it. And that's ok. Be passionate anyway," read the tweet she shared.

Perhaps Maci just wants to people to know that she does things because she wants to and not because she's feeling pressured or forced. On Teen Mom OG, Bookout is one of the most successful stars of the show, and she wants fans to know that she's strong and confident. After the drug issue, Bookout was criticized by Ryan's family based on how she handled the situation. Ryan's family was angry because she kept Bentley from them, as she wanted Ryan to know that what he was doing was not alright. But his parents were furious as they felt punished because of his decisions.

Maci Bookout is currently on Teen Mom OG, and she may return for the next season, despite people not supporting her passions. Based on rumors, it's possible that she will explore adoption with her husband Taylor, as the two want another baby.