Nurse With No Flu Shot Fired For Refusing To Wear A Mask To Work

Springfield, MO – A nurse without a flu shot was reportedly fired for refusing to wear a mask while at work. Carla Brock, a holistic nurse was granted an exemption from taking the mandatory flu vaccination but ultimately fired because she refused to don a surgical mask while at the hospital.

Brock has worked at the Cox South Hospital for 11 years. She is reportedly speaking out about her firing for refusing to wear a flu mask because she feels the requirement to wear a mask in tantamount to placing a scarlet letter on her chest. CoxHealth owns and operates four hospitals in northwest Arkansas and southwest Missouri, according to USA Today.

Carla Brock had this to say about getting fired for refusing to wear a mask after opting out of the flu shot:

“I love my job, and I loved the people I worked with. But I have spiritual and religious reasons not to have those toxins in my body. It’s obviously punitive. It’s obviously coercive. We jumped through the hoops. We did all the right things.”

Brock served as a pre-admission nurse at the Missouri hospital. This is reportedly the first year that CoxHealth has mandated that employees get a flu shot or complete exemption paperwork. Brock’s firing for the refusal to wear a mask is not the first battle in the employee rights versus patient safety debate. In December a hospital in Indiana fired eight employees who refused to get a flu vaccination, according to ABC News.

Carla Brock feels that there is no proof that a mask prevents the passage of the flu. The CoxHealth nurse contends that if the masks are effective than every patient and visitor who enters the hospital should be required to strap one on as well.

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