Maci Bookout's Fans Want Mackenzie To Stop Filming 'Teen Mom 2': Is She Desperate For Fame?

Maci Bookout has shared her storyline on Teen Mom OG for years and she knows that fans only see a fraction of what is happening in real life. As it turns out, Maci's storyline seems to be less about her and more about Ryan Edwards' life. He seems to play a bigger role this season as he is dealing with a drug problem. His wife, Mackenzie Standifer, was liked by viewers at first because she seemed like a person who would boost some motivation into his life. However, it didn't take long for people to realize that she may be interested in television fame and airtime as she's constantly filming for the show. Now, fans of the show are getting tired of seeing her on Teen Mom OG.

According to a new tweet written by a fan of Teen Mom OG, Maci Bookout is now getting support from viewers. People are exhausted and tired of seeing Mackenzie hide and defend Ryan Edwards' drug use. On the show, he has driven under the influence and people have been pissed because of his decision to do so. Despite getting help, Ryan is still drinking and many fans suspect that he's still under the influence. Now, fans of the show are calling out MTV for giving Mackenzie so much time on Teen Mom OG.

"Hey MTV can we see Maci instead of Mackenzie??? Maci is the actual Teen Mom that's on the show," one person wrote to Maci and MTV after watching last night's episode of Teen Mom OG, while other viewers added, "YASSS!!! I can't STAND Mackenzie!!!" and "Totally agree. Maci is an amazing mom! Doing what she needs to do as a mom!"

Viewers are using Twitter to voice their opinions and they are revealing that they are tired of seeing Mackenzie on the show. While you can't really ignore her storyline because of Ryan Edwards, it seems like his issues are resulting in more airtime for her and Ryan. Mackenzie doesn't like Maci, as she has previously called her an enabler of Ryan's drug use. It is possible that Mackenzie loves the spotlight and loves the fans she's getting from sharing her story on the show. Bookout may have given her the Teen Mom OG platform, but fans are not happy about all of the time she gets on the show. Instead, they are calling for Maci's story to be shared more. Some only want to see Maci on Teen Mom OG.

Maci Bookout is currently sharing her business struggles and relationship issues on Teen Mom OG, even though Mackenzie may be taking much of Maci's time on the show.