'Young And The Restless' Spoilers: Adam's Been In GC All Along - Sharon And Nikki Find Him Among Homeless

Young and the Restless spoilers tease that the Adam Newman recast might finally be on the way for February sweeps. A new storyline could lead the Newmans to the prodigal son since no one believes Adam died in that cabin explosion. If the latest Y&R rumors and spoilers play out as hinted, it could be that Adam has been in Genoa City all along right under the Newman's noses, just waiting to be found. Here's a look at what might be coming for sweeps and the missing Newman.

Sharon, Nikki and Nick Team Up

The latest Y&R spoilers from Soap Central promise that an unlikely trio teams up on a new project to help the downtrodden in GC. Sharon Newman (Sharon Case) took in a homeless woman and her family, but she can't keep them at the ranch forever – they need a place to live that's not Sharon's spare bedroom. Nikki Newman (Melody Thomas Scott) surprises everyone when she agrees that Sharon is doing the right thing but says more must be done.

On today's Young and the Restless, spoilers from SheKnows Soaps reveal that Nikki decides to host a fundraiser to help families in need to get back on their feet. Victor Newman (Eric Braeden) offers help, but Nikki says she can do it on her own. It turns out she can't, but she enlists her son Nick Newman (Joshua Morrow) to help out, and Nick will donate the insurance proceeds from the Underground fire to get the ball rolling on raising funds. This puts Sharon, Nick, and Nikki working together.

Contractor Hired, Victor's Shocking Discovery

Y&R spoilers indicate the work the trio does could expand into building a homeless shelter, and that's why Arturo (Jason Canelo) joins the cast as a building contractor. He could be building the shelter, and don't forget, Nick still has the property that the Underground stood on to donate to building a permanent facility to help those in need in Genoa City. Soap Central offered spoilers and details about this new plot twist. But how does this lead to Adam? We'll see soon enough.

The same spoilers from SheKnows Soaps also say that Victor makes a shocking discovery. Could it be that he recognizes someone among the homeless that Nikki and Sharon are helping? If Adam survived the explosion and fire, he would have been disfigured and injured. He was close enough to GC to have been found and treated at the local hospital. Y&R spoilers tease that Adam has a new face and doesn't know who he is, but interacting with his family at the homeless shelter might help.

Recast Adam, Not Muhney, Not Hartley

Young and the Restless spoilers hinting at a February sweeps reveal of recast Adam are exciting, but who will play the role? For those holding out hope it will be Michael Muhney, it's time to think again. Given the cloud over his firing (even if he did nothing wrong), it would be problematic for CBS to rehire him given the current scrutiny over workplace sexual misconduct at all the TV networks. As for Justin Hartley, he's found great success with This Is Us and has no reason to return.

It's the perfect time for an Adam recast since Sharon is single and the paternity reveal of Christian Newman is long overdue. Victor's shocking discovery, as shared by TV Overmind, could be the revelation that Adam is alive and has been right there in Genoa City all along, living on the streets with no idea he's the son of the most famous family in town. This could be how Mal Young will bring added drama to his latest social justice storyline, so this one may resonate better than the dismal human-trafficking plot.

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