Shep Rose Splits From Bella Clark, Explains Why It Didn't Work Out

This week on the big finale of Relationshep, fans saw that Shep Rose picked Bella Clark. However, they didn't end up lasting. Bella actually left the show for a bit, but that was because she had to go to work and had no choice. People got the chance to talk to Shep Rose and figure out why things didn't work out between them.

Shep seemed pretty confident in his decision, but in the end, it didn't matter because things didn't work out with Bella. Shep actually shared that when she left the show, he couldn't get her out of his head, which made him realize he wanted to be with her. The only time they had spent together was on camera, and once they started dating in the real world, things didn't work out for them.

So why didn't it work out? For one, they had a big age difference, and Shep Rose said that this also meant they had different priorities. That makes it hard for them to work. He felt like a relationship might not be the top priority for her right now. Shep said that he went to New York City and hung out with her a few times. At least these two didn't have a really bad split or anything.

Shep Rose admits that they basically just drifted apart and things didn't work out. He saw her one last time and realized that it was over for them. They do still text randomly in a friendly way. If Shep Rose had picked someone else on the show, then it might have worked out for him. He is still friendly with the other girls who made it to the end as well. You never know if he could end up reconnecting with one of them somehow.

It looks like this is the end of Relationshep, but seeing that he didn't find his girl, they could decide to bring it back for another season and try again. Shep will be back when Southern Charm starts airing again in the spring of 2018. If he is dating, then that will end up on the show, of course.