Man Gets His Testicle Ripped Off Trying To Protect Woman From Dogs

A 47-year-old man got his right testicle ripped off while trying to protect a 22-year-old woman in Romania. The young woman was being attacked by two dogs when the unlucky man and his friend stepped in to help. The report by the Daily Mail includes a video showing the dogs attacking the two men, who tried to help the lady escape. The dogs managed to escape their home in a courtyard to attack the young woman, ripping off a part of her jacket in the process. The video from the Daily Mail shows the two men trying to fight off the American Staffordshire Terriers. One of the men used a broom to hit the dogs, but unfortunately, one man had his right testicle ripped off when he was bitten in the genitals.

The 47-year-old man was bitten on his genitals, while his partner, a 66-year-old man, was bitten on the arm. Paramedics tended to the injuries of the men and the woman; the woman also received some cuts on her hands and feet. A report from StirileProTV stated that the bite to the man's testicle was one centimeter away from being critical. The report includes a quote from Romanian surgeon Dr. Bogdan Novac, who stated that the organ is in good condition after an operation.

The dogs have been taken to a local animal sanctuary by the local vet service. The video of the attack was filmed by local residents using a mobile phone after hearing screams. Reports indicate that an investigation may follow, including criminal charges against the 60-year-old woman who owns the dogs. The dogs reportedly attacked someone in the past without causing injuries.

An Abandoned American Staffordshire Terrier

Romania has been known for its problems with dogs. An ABC News report in 2013 featured the story of two young boys who were attacked by stray dogs. Ionut was only 4 while Andrei was 6 when they were attacked by dogs while playing near the park. The grandmother was seated at the park, oblivious of the attack, until Andrei came running in horror.

After the attack on the 4-year-old boy by stray dogs in 2013, the government put down thousands of stray dogs. The little boy was later found by police in the bushes eaten by the stray dogs. However, this case is quite different from the 2013 incident, as the dogs were not strays. The two men and the young woman are stable after receiving medical treatment.