'America's Next Top Model' Cycle 24 Ep 2: Models Pose With Their Baby Bumps

In tonight's episode of America's Next Top Model Cycle 24, the girls meet Canadian supermodel Stacey McKenzie. She asks the aspiring models to show her their best walk. For their photoshoot, a sneak peek video tease of a bumpin' session. The girls are going to pose with their baby bumps.

Last week, the girls went to an Avant-garde fashion show and stomped down the runway to show the judges their walk. Liz was one of the models who impressed the judges with her walk that fits her wild personality. Christina was one of those who did not perform well.

In the second episode of America's Next Top Model, Stacey watched the 15 girls as they show her their fiercest runway walk so far. The results were mixed, with some being able to impress the runway coach while some made Stacey grimace. Coura and Jeana's walks looked good. As for Liz, Stacey said she has "a lot of work to do." The 15 girls then walk the lengths of Venice Beach Skate Park.

After another runway walk, the ANTM contestants, they went to their photoshoot featuring the latest trend in Hollywood— the baby boom. They are tasked to showcase the beauty of pregnancy and posed for the camera with baby bumps.

America's Next Top Model Cycle 24 premiered last Tuesday, January 9. Tyra Banks, who created ANTM, is finally back as the main host and judge, along with returning judges Law Roach, Drew Elliot, and Ashley Graham. Tyra has removed the age limit and introduced a new elimination process—a girl can be sent home at any point in the competition if she is not performing to the level the judges are looking for.

After the first episode, 15 girls remain in the competition to be America's Next Top Model—Brendi K., Christina, Coura, Ivana, Jeana, Khrystyana, Kyla, Erin, Liberty, Liz, Maggie, Rhiyan, Rio, Sandra and Shanice.

Who will ace this week's tasks and who will be eliminated? We'll find out tonight when America's Next Top Model airs at 8/7 c on VH1. Here is the exclusive sneak peek at the new episode where Stacey puts the girls to work.