Melania Trump Left Out In The Rain By Donald Trump Amid Rumors He Is 'Chronically Unfaithful'

Donald Trump is facing heat after leaving his wife, Melania Trump, and 11-year-old son, Barron out in the rain while he cozied up underneath an umbrella. The president of the United States was spotted holding an umbrella on the ramp to Air Force One while his family was left to fend for themselves against the elements, further fueling the rumors of marital strife.

Trump Hides Under Umbrella

The Independent released photos of Trump holding an umbrella while Melania and Barron boarded the plane without any cover during a stormy day in West Palm Beach last week. Trump waved to supporters after Melania rushed onto the plane and appeared oblivious to what was going on. Fans, on the other hand, criticized his behavior as being self-centered.

"Just seen @realDonaldTrump getting on his plane holding an umbrella for himself while his son and wife get worked in the rain. Says it all about him!" one Twitter user wrote.

The Latest On Trump's Infidelity

Trump's latest misstep comes amid rumors that he has been "chronically unfaithful" to Melania throughout their marriage. In his new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House, Michael Wolff claims that Trump commonly referred to Melania as his "trophy wife" and took pleasure in hooking up with his friends' wives.

Wolff also revealed that Melania was angry when old nude photos of her surfaced during Trump's campaign. Afraid that her personal life would never be the same, the future first lady confronted Trump and was reportedly "inconsolable" over what had happened.

The nude photos were published in the New York Post in the summer of 2016.

Trump And Melania Fire Back

Trump and Melania have responded to the allegations in Wolff's book. In a seething Twitter post, Trump blasted Wolff for being a loser and said he made everything up just to sell copies of his book. He also referred to Steve Bannon, one of Wolff's top sources, as "Sloppy Steve."

Melania released a more measured response through her spokeswoman, Stephanie Grisham. The statement called the book a "work of fiction" and echoed the stance that it is a huge fabrication of the truth.

Melania Hires Policy Director

In response to all of the rumors surrounding her marriage, Melania has officially hired a policy director to help promote her agenda. Melania just announced that Reagan Thompson will head up her policy platform and help promote her work with children.

Thompson previously worked for the National Security Council and was an advisor to CIA Director Mike Pompeo. In a recent statement, Grisham praised Thompson for her previous work and said that she will be a valuable addition to Melania's team.

Melania has hinted where she will focus her efforts as the first lady for the remainder of her husband's term in office. Melania has been active in raising awareness for children impacted by the opioid epidemic, helping out in disaster relief programs, and promoting measures for anti-bullying.

Even with the addition of Thompson, Melania Trump's staff is roughly half of what Michelle Obama had when Barack was in office.