WWE Rumors 'Royal Rumble 2018': Sudden Change In Betting Odds Hint At Return Of A Retired Superstar

Royal Rumble is that time of the year when speculation is at an all-time high. With the Royal Rumble 2018 less than a couple of weeks away, several rumors and betting odds are emerging, trying to predict the participants and potential winner. Just like the WWE storylines, the betting odds can also change in a fraction of a second. However, the latest betting odds are worth considering, given that it has thrown in an unexpected name as the participant.

Betting odds on Daniel Bryan winning the Royal Rumble have been slashed from 66/1 to 10/1. At the time of writing, betting odds were massively slashed by all the bookmakers. Betway betting odds put Daniel Bryan in top five contenders for winning the men's Rumble. Sky Bet reduced the odds of Daniel Bryan winning to 9/1.

Daniel Bryan was at one point in time less likely to win than even Chad Gable, CM Punk, The Undertaker, and Kenny Omega, as reported by SportsKeeda. With this sudden change, Daniel Brayan is now more likely to win the Royal Rumble 2018 than even Seth Rollin or Finn Balor. There is no information available as what caused the sudden change in the betting odds of Daniel Bryan.

WWE Rumors hint at return of major superstar at Royal Rumble 2018

While the improved betting odds may hint at some positive news for the fans, a recent interview with Triple H indicates otherwise. Triple H clarified that one could only wrestle after being cleared by the panel of doctors appointed by WWE, and there would be no exception for anyone. However, Danial Bryan claimed recently that his doctors had cleared him for an in-ring return.

As reported earlier by Inquisitr, Daniel Bryan clarified that he would leave WWE if he was not cleared for an in-ring return. In an earlier tweet, he had revealed the date on which his WWE contract expires, so there is no doubt that Bryan is keen on making an in-ring return. Will WWE ensure that he gets one at the upcoming event?

As far as storylines are concerned, Daniel Bryan has been involved in an on-screen disagreement with Shane McMahon. Some rumors hinted that this could lead to a match between them at WrestleMania 34. However, with the latest betting odds, it appears that fans might see the return of "Yes Movement" way earlier at Royal Rumble 2018.