'Alaskan Bush People' Ami Brown Is Reportedly In Remission: Brown Family Spotted Across The US

Alaskan Bush People ran its Christmas special on Discovery Channel and brought along with it the good news that the family's matriarch, Ami Brown, is recovering after completing two rounds of chemotherapy. While news surrounding the Brown family has been quite scarce in the past few weeks, a new post reveals Ami's current health status, which might explain why the Brown family members have been spotted in different states.

Ami Brown is reportedly in remission after going through two rounds of chemotherapy for her stage 4 lung cancer. The update on the Alaskan Bush People matriarch was posted on the Facebook page, Alaskan Bush People Exposed, which is known for giving the latest news on the Brown family.

The page also shared recent photos of the Alaskan Bush People who have been spotted by fans across different states. For instance, Bam was reportedly seen at the Art Institute of Chicago this week while Rain has also been sharing different photos of herself and her hobbies on her social media account.

Many fans have been questioning the authenticity of Ami's diagnosis after seeing the Alaskan Bush People travel across the different states. Some fans felt that the Brown family were not affected by the severity of having their mother, Ami, diagnosed with advanced stage lung cancer and go through two rounds of chemotherapy. It would be wise to note, though, that the family had to move from the lower 48 to Colorado in order to give Ami the care and support that she needs.

There were also speculations that filming for the new season of the Discovery Channel drama is currently ongoing, which might explain the Brown family's escapades across the U.S. However, the reason behind the Alaskan Bush People having the luxury of time to travel may have something to do with the latest update regarding Ami's health status. In Touch notes that Ami is in remission and will no longer receive any chemotherapy treatments at the moment.

The publication notes that there are posts claiming that Ami is completely cured of cancer, but the more appropriate term would be to state that Ami is in remission. The report also states that the Alaskan Bush People star's current health status does not confirm earlier rumors and speculations that Ami faked her cancer diagnosis.

The Facebook page also encouraged fans and critics alike to stop posting anything negative regarding Ami, as her diagnosis is something she will have to live with for the rest of her life. As most can recall, there have been speculations that Ami does not really have lung cancer and the diagnosis was exaggerated and dramatized for the sake of increasing the show's ratings.