Olivia Nova Cause Of Death: Adult Film Star's Friend Reveals Her Plans To 'Get Sober' Days Before She Died

Adult film star Olivia Nova's cause of death has yet to be announced by the coroner's office, but people are under the impression that it may have something to do with her lifestyle as one of her close friends revealed her plans to "get sober" days before she died.

According to an update on the actress's demise from the Daily Mirror, the 20-year-old adult film star seemed to have known about her imminent death days before she passed away as Jimmie Romero, one of her close friends, revealed that she had been talking about changing her lifestyle to try and avoid it.

Based on Romero's statement to the outlet, Olivia Nova, whose real name is Lexi Rose Forte, have been informed that her days were numbered since October and that she had been trying to turn her life around for the sake of her family.

"Lexi knew her days were limited, she was told in October by doctors. She was at a friend's house trying to get sober. She had three days off of everything," he told Mirror.

"She said she wanted to change her lifestyle — she looked in my eyes and said to me, 'I want to stop and change my life. I have a family that loves me.'"
According to the outlet, Jimmie had experience in recovery and rehabilitation and had been sober for 14 years, so he knew what was going on when Olivia showed the signs and begged her to get help.

Unfortunately, Olivia decided to help another friend instead of getting a full detox at a medical facility, with Jimmie explaining that she was able to save her friend who was treading "a dangerous path."

"Even though her friend would never forgive her for giving a statement, Lexi had to try to help save her life. I am indebted to Lexi for her selfless act. She passed trying to save others and I believe that's the stuff saints are made of."
After that, he shared a tribute to his deceased friend, wishing that she is now at peace and free of pain in heaven.

According to a previous report from the Inquisitr, Olivia Nova's cause of death may take weeks to unearth based on a statement from the Clark County Coroner's Office.

Her death comes as the third one in the adult film industry since December 2017 after the suspected suicide of August Ames, who was allegedly bullied into killing herself, and the overdose of Yurizan Beltran, who is more popularly known as "Yuri Luv."

Her mother, Leslie Forte, has since told Newsweek that she believes that her daughter did not die of similar causes as the two actresses who passed before her.

Even so, multiple reports unearthed her history of suicide and depression after losing a close friend in 2016 and her beloved boyfriend, Nolan, in April 2017. According to Mirror, Nolan died of a drug overdose, but Olivia insisted that it was deliberate and counted as a suicide.

The outlet also noted her history of alcoholism, revealing that she had once been in an accident for driving while under the influence of alcohol in 2014. She even shared a photo of her battered face on social media right after the accident that reportedly became her wake-up call.