'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Tyler Christopher On DiMera Drama, Actors Are Navigating 'Very Difficult Story'

Days Of Our Lives spoilers teased the DiMera family would have a new family member. That character is Stefan, portrayed by General Hospital alum Tyler Christopher. The actor recently spoke to Soap Opera Digest, in which he teased that they are navigating a very difficult story. He also talked about working with Louise Sorel, Billy Flynn, and Marci Miller.

Fans are not sure what to make of Stefan DiMera. He does seem overly confident and arrogant, but some believe he might not be as bad as he appears. While Vivian Alamain is supposedly his mother, there is a theory that might not be true. So, are they mutual partners or is he just another one of Vivian's pawns, someone that will be disposed of once she gets everything she wants?

Days Of Our Lives spoilers suggest that Vivian isn't Stefan's mother at all. Fans speculated this after watching Monday's episode. It was clear after the way Stefan called her a "vicious mommy." It just didn't seem like something he would say to a parent. Plus, Tyler Christopher called Vivian "the Mother," instead of "Stefan's mother." That seems to be another clue.

"I think she's [Louise Sorel] so funny and she's such a pro. I really jelled with her right away. We just took a liking to each other and I think you'll see that on-screen, sort of like Constance Towers [ex-Helena, GH] and myself. Same sort of relationship and dynamic between the two characters, both personally and professionally. What a perfect pick to play Mother."
The GH alum couldn't give out any specific DOOL spoilers. However, he did say that it is a very difficult story they are trying to navigate. This seems to imply that things might get more dramatic and emotional as time goes on. Perhaps Stefan really isn't as bad as fans think. Maybe he was forced to play a part. Of course, the difficulty could be related to "Chabby," who are teased to go through some rocky times in the near future.
"It's a very difficult story that we're trying to navigate and I can't think of two better actors that I could have opened up with."
The actor also raved about his co-stars. He loved working with Louise Sorel, who is a daytime veteran. Although he had never worked with Billy Fynn or Marci Miller before, he had only positive things to say about them. He felt that everyone at Days Of Our Lives was not only welcoming, but were professionals when the cameras starting rolling. After being in the business for so many years, preparation and professionalism is something he really appreciates.
"I am so thankful that I was introduced on the show with them and that the bulk of my story is with them."
Even though most of Stefan's scenes have been with the DiMera family, expect him to interact with others in the next few weeks. She Knows reported that Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) will ask him for help. This is interesting since Gabi does not care for the Salem newcomer. As time goes on, look forward to more storylines that involve the other residents of Salem.Days Of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC.