Katheryn Winnick's 'Vikings' Season 6 Episode Finally Revealed, Actress Might Direct Two Episodes

The fifth season of Vikings might not yet be over, but fans are already wondering about the future of Lagertha in the show. The Queen of Kattegat may have found victory in "The Joke," yet some are still concerned that Ivar the Boneless will find another way to kill her. However, it looks like Katheryn Winnick has other things to worry about other than the survival of her character. The star of The Dark Tower recently teased about her upcoming directorial debut in Vikings Season 6 and somehow confirmed which episode she will be working on.

It has already been confirmed that Katheryn Winnick will direct one of the 20 episodes of Vikings Season 6 although there is no announcement on which episode she will helm. Luckily, Winnick has offered a hint of her directorial debut and it looks like she could be working on a two-part story arc that could extend to two episodes.

Katheryn Winnick has recently posted an interesting video on her official Instagram account. In the video, the actress shows her in an office for the production meeting about her directorial debut. There is also a quick shot revealing that the meeting will be about two Vikings Season 6 episodes. The script that appears briefly confirms the production crew will discuss Episodes 607 and 608.

So does this mean Katheryn Winnick will be directing two episodes instead of just one? This would certainly make sense if there is a two-part story arc that would require two Vikings Season 6 episodes. Some believe there is a lengthy focus on Lagertha as she looks back on her long life. However, it is possible that the second episode will have a different director.

Alex Hogh Andersen and Katheryn Winnick Of Vikings Season 5

Fans are certainly thrilled to know that Katheryn Winnick will still be a part of Vikings Season 6 despite the threat to Lagertha's life in the current season. Unfortunately, there are also speculations that the episode Winnick is directing could be the last for the Queen of Kattegat, who is fated to die at the hand of a son of Ragnar Lothbrok. Hopefully, things will turn out differently for Lagertha in the future.

Katheryn Winnick appears as the Queen of Kattegat in Vikings Season 5, which airs on History every Wednesday night.