Magnitude 9 Earthquake Will Hit US, Canadian West Coast Between Feb 21 And Mar 7, Astrologer Predicts

Frank Hoogerbeets, an astrologer based on the Netherlands, warned U.S. residents living on the West Coast to prepare for a magnitude 9 earthquake. Hoogerbeets claimed that a rare planetary alignment will occur between February 21 and March 7. He insists that the gravitational pull will increase seismic activity and that there's a "potential for a megathrust earthquake with a magnitude 8 or even 9."

In a YouTube video, Hoogerbeets explained that a rare planetary alignment will cause an increase in seismic activity starting on February 21. On the said dates, there will be three planetary alignments. As reported by Express, Hoogerbeets revealed that the same planetary alignment coincides with the occurring of the largest earthquakes in the world. He claimed that the same planetary alignment happened during the 9.5 magnitude Chilean earthquake in 1960, the 9.2 magnitude earthquake in Alaska in 1964, and the 9.3 magnitude earthquake in Sumatra in 2004.

Out of all the dates during the period he specified, Hoogerbeets is most concerned about March 4 and 5. According to him, these dates are critical.

Hoogerbeets explained that on March 4, there will be six planetary alignments. This occurrence is highly irregular and unique. On top of that, there will be a quadruple alignment involving Jupiter, Mars, the Sun, and Mercury. Given this scenario, he predicts an increase in seismic activity on March 5. He added that this convergence is the most powerful out of all the alignments he saw in the past three years.

In another video posted on YouTube, Hoogerbeets cited that the recent tremors felt in Vancouver and South California are signs of increased seismic activity. On January 14, Vancouver Island experienced three light earthquakes. A 4.2 magnitude earthquake was reported first, followed by 4.3 magnitude and 4.0 magnitude earthquakes.

He warned that the West Coast needs to be on the lookout for a strong earthquake. He reiterated that there's a "distinct possibility" that the megathrust earthquake will happen in late February or early March. He also clarified that he is not claiming that this event is a sure thing but that there is a high possibility that it will happen.

Hoogerbeets went on to explain that an earthquake is long overdue on the West Coast. Meanwhile, experts agree with Hoogerbeets on one thing - they have been anticipating a major quake in the Cascadia subduction zone where the West Coast is located.

As for the validity of Hoogerbeets' claim that planetary alignment affects seismic activity, astronomer Phil Plait has something to clear up.

"No, it won't. It can't." He added that "there is simply no way an alignment of planets can cause an earthquake on Earth."

Experts defend that if there will be a magnitude 9 earthquake as Hoogerbeets predicted, it will have nothing to do with planetary alignment.