Joy-Anna Duggar Praises Austin Forsyth For ‘Sacrificial’ Love, Fans Think Her Baby Has Arrived

Austin And Joy Forsyth Instagram

Joy-Anna Duggar’s latest Instagram post about her pregnancy has some fans convinced that she’s already given birth. Others aren’t so certain that her baby has arrived, but they’re not completely discounting the persistent rumors that Joy-Anna’s first child was conceived out of wedlock. In fact, some Duggar admirers have accepted the possibility that she had premarital sex.

On Monday, Joy-Anna Duggar used the Instagram page that she shares with her husband, Austin Forsyth, to let her fans know just how much she appreciates her spouse. She also mentioned her pregnancy for the first time in over three months, but her post did not include a baby bump photo. Instead, she shared a solo image of Austin.

“Austin, I’m so grateful for your sacrificial, Christ-like love. I know that through this pregnancy you’ve given and given so much to me and have never expected anything in return,” Joy-Anna wrote. “Thank you for being my best friend! You are the greatest!!!! I love you with all of my heart, honey!! -your girl #sohandsome #besthusbandever.”

Some of of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth’s Instagram followers responded to the post by speculating that Joy-Anna has already given birth. If this were true, it would mean that her child was conceived weeks before her wedding on May 26, 2017.

“Is this post to throw the haters off? To make them think you havent had the baby yet? Honestly i dont care when you got pregnant i just hope your baby is healthy and you are happy forever,” wrote one fan.

For months, Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth have been dogged by accusations that they had a “shotgun wedding.” Many fans are convinced that the Counting On stars have been so secretive about their baby’s due date because they don’t want anyone to know that they had premarital sex that resulted in a pregnancy. However, this theory is based on nothing more than the size of Joy-Anna’s baby bump in some of her social media photos. RadarOnline even got a medical professional to say that she looks further along in her pregnancy than she would be if her baby was conceived on or after her wedding night.

Christmas date night!????

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Joy-Anna Duggar was raised by fundamentalist Christian parents who believe that sexual purity is of utmost importance, and they have gone to desperate lengths to ensure that their offspring remain virgins until they get married. As reported by People, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar’s strict courtship rules are designed to keep their kids from ever being alone with members of the opposite sex; all Duggar dates are supervised by chaperones who keep a watchful eye out for any unapproved physical contact. Duggars aren’t allowed to hold hands until they get engaged, and they’re encouraged to save their first kisses for their wedding days so that they don’t “struggle with temptation.”

Even though the Duggars’ dating rules make it highly unlikely that an unwed Joy-Anna was ever able to sneak off with Austin to make a baby, some fans are letting her know that they don’t care if she had sex before her wedding day.

“Doing things God’s way is the best and even if they made a mistake and got pregnant before. There is forgiveness with our Lord and why do people think that when you say your a Christain that you don’t still sin. The difference is you know our Lord forgives us when we ask and we go and try to sin no more. I pray no matter what day their baby is born that he or he is perfectly healthy,” read one remark.

“Wow some people are so hateful! Does it matter when they conceived!? Nope, it doesn’t! Hoping for a healthy baby & safe delivery…. when it’s time,” wrote another fan.

Joy-Anna Duggar has not shared her exact due date, but if what the Duggar Family Blog has reported is correct, her baby definitely has not arrived. According to the fan-run website, her due date is “around the beginning of March.”