‘Call The MidWife’ Season 7 Premieres Next Week [Trailer]


BBC has released the trailer for Call the Midwife Season 7 which will premiere on January 21st with new cast members and changes coming to the Poplar neighborhood of London in 1963. Call the Midwife Season 7 sees continued struggles for some, new challenges for others, and while there will be some new characters added to the cast of Call the Midwife, fans will be saddened that some of their favorites haven’t returned.

Fans Of Call The Midwife Got A Lot Of Clues In The Christmas Special

Fans of Call the Midwife got a tease of what is to come from Call the Midwife Season 7 as all of the residents of Poplar had to work together as they were hit by “The Big Freeze” of the winter of 1962-1963 when blizzard conditions dumped snow and freezing conditions of the working class neighborhood. Fans familiar with the Call the Midwife neighborhood of Poplar know that the residents struggle on their best day, and watching the midwives and sisters struggle without heat and with frozen pipes made for a somber Christmas episode. The LA Times said that the Christmas episode of Call the Midwife was more “Dickensian” than usual.

But the Christmas episode of Call the Midwife hinted at what is to come for some of the midwives, including Trixie, who was thrown together with town dentist Christopher after he was trapped at Nonnatus House for the holidays. Nurse Valerie also had a rough Call the Midwife holiday when she delivered a stillborn who came back to life in her nurse’s bag, and it might take a bit longer for her confidence to bounce back.

Big Changes Are Coming In Season 7 Of Call the Midwife

RadioTimes says that the makeup of the ladies who work at Nonnatus House is changing slowly. When the series started, and it was still the fifties, the bulk of the midwives were nuns, while now there are midwives from different walks of like. midwife Valerie comes from a military background, and nurse Shelagh left her life as a nun to marry the local doctor. New this season is nurse and midwife Lucille Anderson, the show’s first West Indian nurse played by actress Leonie Elliott.

But while midwife Trixie is facing an exciting new chapter in her life with a budding romance, there are the ever-present demons nipping at her heels in terms of her sobriety, says actor Helen George.

“There’s also just the ongoing struggle of alcoholism, the everyday struggle, the trying to resist it even when you’re knackered and you’re having a really hard time at work, not reaching for a drink at the end of the day.”

The Call the Midwife Christmas episode say nurse and midwife Barbara and Reverend Tom leaving, but actor Charlotte Ritchie says you haven’t seen the last of them.

“He has this opportunity to take a different job and discover a new parish, and I think it’s a great opportunity for him, and we know it’s possibly only temporary. So it’s a new adventure for us.”

But fans sadly have seen the last of Patsy and Delia, the couple who tried so hard for seasons to be together. Showrunners are reporting that Emerald Fennell and Kate Lamb both quit Call the Midwife before production started on Season 7.

Call the Midwife Welcomes A New Nurse And Midwife

But while time moves on in Call the Midwife and it’s 1963, that doesn’t mean there aren’t culture clashes between what the actors are comfortable with and the language and norms of the time according to Digital Spy. Victoria Yeates who plays Sister Winifred said she struggled with what she saw as the racist dialogue when talking about the new nurse who comes from Jamaica. Discussions about using words like “colored” rather than “black” were debated at length. Yeates said it also examined the relationship between England and Commonwealth countries.

“There was this push and pull that Britain had with Commonwealth countries, being like, ‘We need you when we need you and we’re going get rid of you when we don’t need you’. And in the wars, it was, ‘Come and fight for us and die for us, but when we think you’re taking our jobs we’ll get rid of you’.”

Call the Midwife will be on BBC on Sunday, while PBS has not given a premiere date at this time.