Brad Fiorenza Fiercely Responds To Hurtful Comments From Ex-Wife Over His ‘Challenge: Vendettas’ Appearance


Brad Fiorenza’s buttons have officially been pushed. The Real World: San Diego star and nine-time contestant on MTV’s popular Challenge franchise is speaking out over recent comments his ex-wife, and castmate, Tori Hall has made regarding his time on The Challenge: Vendettas.

Tori spoke with Us Weekly in an exclusive interview and didn’t seem too thrilled with her ex’s actions on the show despite Vendettas being only two episodes in. What seemed to perturb the Gauntlet contestant the most was Brad’s budding relationship with Britni Thornton from fellow MTV series Are You the One?

The duo hooked up on the first episode of Vendettas, and Tori is apparently upset over how fast Brad moved on once entering the house. According to the mom, Brad claimed he was returning to the franchise to play and win, not look for love.

The connection between Brad and Britni was undeniable, and whether Brad went there looking for love or not, it smacked him right in the face. This is something Tori doesn’t appear to comprehend.

“I was fine with him going back and doing the show. It was such a big part of our life. But never did I believe that our story was that replaceable to him. That was the hardest part.”

Tori admitted to feeling like “another step in the road” after hearing about Brad’s relationship with Britni. Along with many Vendettas cast members, Tori believes Britni and Brad are more suited for one another than she and Brad ever were.

It didn’t take long before Brad caught wind of the article, and shared his disdain of the interview with his 55,000 Twitter followers.

According to the Challenge champion, there is another side to Tori’s story. Brad’s followers could feel his pain as he commented on his marriage with Tori. The 37-year-old hinted at Tori’s responsibility in their divorce and how she made the “choice to dissolve our family.”

“I’m surprised she is acting surprised.”

Brad’s anger didn’t end there, as he began engaging with fans in the tweets reply section. One user urged Brad to keep the family’s fight off social media, to which he agreed. The cut proved to be too deep, unfortunately, as he continued to comment on the article.

The Challenge star mentioned wanting to respond in an article of his own, to which he would include screenshots of conversations with his ex.

Brad is out to defend his name, as he claims Tori has been spreading false information about him and their marriage over the past year and has taken things to the next level by speaking with a major publication.

Tori and Brad met while appearing on The Gauntlet 3, and they married in April 2010. They officially divorced in December 2016 after separating in 2015. They have two sons together: John Brady, 6, and Chase, 3.

To see if Brad comes out victorious in his epic return, watch The Challenge: Vendettas on MTV every Tuesday night at 9 p.m.