Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Wedding: Anti-Monarchist Protesters Set To Take Over At Windsor Castle Ceremony

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As Meghan Markle and Prince Harry excitedly share about their engagement and reveal details about their spring wedding, a group of anti-monarchists are set to oppose the royal wedding at Windsor Castle, where the nuptials will take place.

The protest has been spurred on due to a call against homeless in the area by a council leader, citing that some have been “aggressive” and using intimidating tactics while begging. The Sun shares details regarding the words of the said councilman.

“Windsor and Maidenhead council leader Simon Dudley claimed beggars could present the town in a ‘sadly unfavourable light”‘during the wedding and complained in a letter to police about ‘aggressive begging and intimidation’ on the streets.”

Anti-monarchists have since come together in solidarity by way of social media and are organizing a stand on the day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding day, to represent the homeless, by dressing as homeless and lining the entrance to Windsor Castle.

A number of organizers have spoken up about their plans and given reasons for their decision to make a stand on the day of the royal wedding.

One such organizer is George Barda, whom Sun reporters urged to comment on his intentions for the day of protest. Barda was caught off guard, but did manage to state that “Homelessness is a terrible scourge and drawing attention to it is important.”

The council leader has since apologized on BBC for how his comments regarding removal of the homeless were interpreted.

“I would like to apologise if I was not clear enough in my communication that this was an issue about anti-social behaviour, and if that message failed to get across the responsibility for that is firmly with me.”

The councilman also regretted adding the hashtag #royalwedding to his remarks, and said in hindsight he would not have connected the two. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are likely none too pleased with Dudley for correlating the two, seeing as the wedding is now going to be greatly impacted by the anti-monarchists and those seeking to defend the homeless.

Dudley explained his reasoning for the comments further while on the program.

“What it was about was not the wedding,but the circumstances which bring about anti-social behaviour, i.e. the size of the opportunity to commercially (beg) is going to grow in Windsor. It wasn’t the wedding, it was the fact that the situation is deteriorating, clearly, and in my view, and consulting with other colleagues as well, is something which is going to get worse given that there will be more people there. More people with more money means more people trying to earn money.”

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding has got royal enthusiasts overly-excited and the new “it” couple of the royal family are now reportedly very hands-on with the planning, as the Daily Mail relays. An anti-monarchist protest is likely not on their wishlist for their big day.