‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Friz Splits And Liaison Reunion After Drew-Sam Wedding

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General Hospital spoilers predict some major shakeups and a returning character taking a sharp turn from what everyone expected. GH fans are split with half cheering the upcoming wedding of Drew Cain (Billy Miller) and Sam Morgan (Kelly Monaco) while others are hoping it goes down in flames so that Sam will get back with Jason Morgan (Steve Burton). But it seems that the writing regime at the ABC soap has something else in mind so fans shouldn’t look for a JaSam reunion anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean Jason will be lonely for much longer.

Drew and Sam Wedding Filmed

The latest GH spoilers and rumors circulating on soap social media promise that Drew and Sam’s wedding has already been filmed, but there’s no word yet on whether they make it all the way to “man and wife” and kiss the bride. Even if Drew and Sam do get officially hitched, a shakeup is in their future since General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central predict that Drew is already married to someone else. There’s a decade of time missing from his life that includes love and loss.

Some fans wondered if Drew was married to Kim Nero (Tamara Braun), but she’s not his secret bride. This GH recap shows he left Kim in 2003, but it wasn’t until 2013 that Drew was kidnapped by Cesar Faison (Anders Hove). That leaves 10 years where Drew could meet and marry someone. That means his wedding to Sam would be invalid. That would be a big twist since their first marriage was invalid because she was still married to Jason. Drew and Sam just can’t catch a break.

Friz Breaks Up Soon

According to GH spoilers, it looks like Drew and Sam will get hitched soon, but another wedding in the works is that of Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth) and Elizabeth Webber (Rebecca Herbst). General Hospital spoilers from She Knows Soaps reveal they toasted to setting the date and it looks like a February sweeps wedding, but rumor has it they will not make it to the altar. Franco is increasingly tormented by the secrets of his past, and new spoilers say he and Drew were abused as children.

General Hospital spoilers show that Franco is still lying about his past and has yet to come clean on pushing Drew down the stairs as kids. Of course, these new revelations of abuse at the hands of Betsy Frank’s (Deborah Strang) creepy Jim Harvey (Greg Evigan) indicate that Franco didn’t shove Drew – it was down to the abusive boyfriend. However, lies are lies, and rumor has it that the Friz wedding crumbles. This would be Liz’s second wedding to fall apart after the disaster with Jake Doe.

Liaison Reunion Ahead

The latest GH spoilers swirling from inside sources indicate that Jason is heartbroken after Sam goes through with her marriage to Drew. Similarly, Liz is crushed when her wedding to Franco falls apart. Both are single and hurting, and they have a long history of comforting each other. Everyone knew that Jason would get a love interest, but his winding up with Liz instead of Sam is a big twist. For those hoping that Kim might be his new lover, one of the GH writers shut that down completely.

New co-head writer Chris Van Etten offered General Hospital spoilers that Kim would find love, but it would not be Jason or Drew. The latest promos hint that it might be Julian Jerome (William deVry). For now, the spoilers point to Drew and Sam sticking together, Friz splitting, and Jason and Liz comforting each other and sparking a new romance. Of course, couples shakeups are the foundation of any good soap, so these changes shouldn’t be too shocking to longtime GH watchers.

How do you feel about the rumored reconnect of Liaison and looming Friz split? If you were hoping for a JaSam reunion, it’s time to exercise patience! Catch up now on the latest GH scoop on Anders Hove’s confirmed return as Faison, Maxie and Spinelli’s reunion after Nathan’s exit, and the shocking reveal of Faison’s other baby mama. Watch ABC every day to see all this unfold and check back often for the latest General Hospital spoilers and news.