Jax Taylor Spoils Brittany Cartwright With Trip To Disney World But Fans Are Not So Forgiving

Alison BuckGetty Images for Kari Feinstein

Jax Taylor has revealed that he may not be the best guy in the world. Over the years, Vanderpump Rules viewers have seen how he has cheated on girlfriends, how he has lied about his relationships and even betrayed his friends. For some viewers, he is as bad as they get, but others feel that he’s simply misunderstood and confused. When this season began, fans learned that he had cheated on Brittany Cartwright and many felt that she should leave him behind. However, she chose to stay with him and fans started to lose respect for her.

On Twitter, Jax and Brittany have revealed that they are not happy about reliving this drama in regards to his cheating. They have both said that they have moved on from the cheating drama, even though it happened just six months ago. Brittany chose to forgive Jax for his cheating, even though he admitted to cheating on her continuously — not just once. According to a new tweet, Jax Taylor is now revealing that he’s bringing Brittany to Disney World for her birthday and people are surprised that she is sticking with him. As it turns out, they don’t believe she’s doing the right thing by staying with Taylor.

“Taking my Brittany to Walt Disney World for her bday!!” Jax Taylor revealed on Twitter after announcing to one of her family members that he needed someone to watch their puppies, to which one viewer replied, “Bc that should make up for cheating on her, lying straight to her face when she asked, screamed @ her to stfu on the phone when she asked u a question Re: Faith, & continuing to string her along. Ur a swell guy. Thank god 4 Vanderpump Rules otherwise you’d REALLY have nothing.”

Perhaps fans are convinced that he’s going to cheat on her again. He has cheated on many other girlfriends and when Stassi Schroeder interviewed him for her podcast, it was revealed that he was indeed a sociopath. He laughed at the label but claimed that it was possibly true. As it turns out, he doesn’t seem to care that he’s the bad guy in Los Angeles. He cares that he has hurt Brittany. But these days, it seems like the focus has shifted to Brittany, as viewers simply don’t understand her desire to stay with him. As the viewer pointed out, a trip to Disney World wouldn’t be enough to forgive Jax.

Jax Taylor is currently dating Brittany Cartwright and since cheating wasn’t enough to ruin this relationship, one has to wonder if they will ever break up. She wants to get married, so she may stay with him forever despite his cheating.