Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban: Beauty Did Not Urge Singer To Seek Plastic Surgery

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Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have been one of the entertainment industry’s most adored and admired couples due to their unwavering support and love for one another after more than a decade of marriage. From the way the two interact during events and in the public eye, it seems that Urban and Kidman are still in the honeymoon phase of their relationship, even after a decade of marriage.

Despite the pair proving daily that they have a love that runs deep and is far removed from many surface relationships seen in Hollywood, rumors still swirl around the couple — mainly those that attempt to dismantle their seemingly perfect relationship, despite Keith and Nicole gushing incessantly about one another publicly.

The latest rumor suggests that Nicole Kidman is urging her husband to seek plastic surgery. The National Enquirer alleged that Nicole and Keith are at odds over whether to grow old naturally. The report claims that Kidman is a fan of procedures such as fillers, Botox, and injections, while Urban wants to embrace older age.

Gossip Cop shares the words of the supposed source regarding this claim, stating, “The country crooner has finally put his boot down and insisted they grow old naturally’ since ‘Nic wanted Keith to try Botox and fillers with her to halt wrinkles as they both turned 50 years old.'”

The insider goes on to allege that the country star is strongly against any cosmetic surgeries, seeing as he believes they would ruin his manly, rugged image that his fans love him for — in addition to his music, of course.

If this seems like a ridiculous claim, that is because it is completely false. Gossip Cop chatted with a close source to the star couple who states that the story is “ridiculous.”

The fabrication is very similar to the previous Radar Online story that indicated Kidman and Urban are fighting over the procedures that the Big Little Lies star undergoes. That story suggests Keith has instructed Nicole to stop with the injections.

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As it stands, the pair is not at odds over this or much of anything else. The couple continues going strong despite the rumors which suggest false tensions in their marriage. As for Kidman’s stance on Botox, the beauty spoke openly about such procedures during an interview with HuffPost after the star had undergone Botox treatments and indicated that she is not a fan.