Flu Outbreak Spreads Rapidly Across America, Can Onions Help Protect You?

influenza a

Influenza A is a severe seasonal flu that is spreading across the country and has reportedly claimed the lives of 18 children this winter. For thousands of years the onion has been touted for its congestion-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.

The World Health Organization has recognized the onion for its ability to help alleviate flu symptoms such as bronchitis, respiratory infections, and congestion.

A flu shot, keeping hands clean and away from the eyes and mouth are likely among the best was to prevent illness, but placing a cut onion in the room might offer an added bit of protection. The theory of the medicinal powers of the onion reportedly rests in the ability of the raw vegetable to absorb germs in the air.

Emails about the alleged medicinal powers of the onion have been circulating once again online. Although some of the claims in the “onions prevent the flu” emails have been debunked, some naturopathic and scientists still believe in the power of the onion, Global Healing Center reports.

If boiling an onion into a drinkable broth does not sound appealing, the slicing and dicing to store in an open bowl might be a viable homedic health practice. Both the ancient Ayurvedic people and the Chinese revered the smelly vegetable for its healing power. Ancient Greeks reportedly rubbed onions on sore muscles to relieve the pain. Some Native American tribes also believed onions could help ward off the flu and common cold.

An excerpt from a Los Angeles Times article from the early 1900s reads:

“In a sickroom you cannot have a better disinfectant than the onion. It has a wonderful capacity for absorbing germs. A dish of sliced onions placed in a sickroom will draw away the disease; they must be removed as soon as they lose their odor and become discolored, and be replaced by fresh ones.”