‘Sister Wives’ Ep 2 Recap: Mykelti’s Fiancé Turns Out To Be A Groomzilla, Maddie Shares Big News

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Kody Brown’s daughter Mykelti is busy planning for her wedding and the entire Sister Wives family is helping out. Last week, Kody and his wives freaked out when they learned that Mykelti and her fiancé Tony are actually inviting 400 guests. Now, the father of the bride is about to learn just how insanely huge his daughter’s “big day” is going to be. Read on for our full recap below!

Tony The Groomzilla

Last night’s episode is titled “Groomzilla,” referring to Mykelti’s fiancé, Tony Padron. Tony is a very hands-on groom and wants a lot of things for his special day. Being Mexican, the soon-to-be Sister Wives son-in-law wants to have piñatas for the wedding. Not just one–he wants two life-sized piñatas in the image of himself and Mykelti.

During their food and cake tasting, Tony says he wants a tres leche cake in line with their “Vintage Mexican” theme. The baker tells him that tres leche will make the cake soggy and unstable, but Tony is insistent. They settle for a bunch of smaller cakes of different flavors instead of a big one. The taco buffet is still part of the reception along with nachos, chips, and salsa.

When it’s time for Mykelti to shop for her wedding dress, Tony tags along with the Sister Wives moms. Kody’s wives don’t think it’s a good idea for the groom to be this involved in the wedding planning. However, they all agree that Tony is a wonderful guy and is a good match for their daughter.

Christine Will Sing At Mykelti’s Wedding

Christine Brown, Mykelti’s biological mom and Kody’s third wife, is planning a special surprise for her daughter’s big day. As previewed by Us Weekly, Christine is taking voice lessons ahead of the wedding. She wants to sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart,” a song her grandfather used to sing to her grandmother.

Christine reveals that she wasn’t exactly supportive of Mykelti and Tony when they first told them that they were going to get married. She’s hoping that her special song number will show Mykelti that she’s now 100 percent behind their relationship.

“The biggest motivation for me to sing for Mykelti for her wedding is because when she first told me that she wanted to marry Tony and that she wanted to talk to [Kody], for the first several months, it wasn’t a very exciting time for us. I was really not in favor of it at first. I thought that they needed to know each other more, [and] I didn’t know them together as a couple. I didn’t react like she hoped,” the sister wife admits.

“So I am singing for her wedding just to show her, you know what, I do support the two of you and I love the two of you together and you’re perfect together.”

Meri Takes The ‘Sister Wives’ To Her BnB

Kody’s first wife Meri is focused on her new business venture. Last week, she told the family that she’s planning to purchase her great-grandparents’ house in Utah and turn it into a bed and breakfast. Now, she brings the other wives–Janelle, Christine, and Robyn–to see the property.

Kody sulks about not being invited. He’s not exactly on board with the idea of Meri opening up an inn, but he says that he’s willing to at least listen.

“I think it’s a good idea to not invite me,” the Sister Wives patriarch says in a confessional.

“If two wives agree, it is then a fact. But if they’re all on board with it, then I gotta at least listen and consider…So yeah, let the ladies go and keep me out of it so I don’t have to be the bad guy.”

The Sister Wives love the place, and they’re happy to see Meri sparkle again. However, they are concerned that having Meri spend time away from their Nevada compound will affect their relationship. For a while now, Meri has been having issues with her marriage to Kody and the wives are worried.

Maddie’s Big News

Maddie, Kody’s first daughter with second wife Janelle, returns home with her husband Caleb. She gathers everyone and tells them that she has both good and bad news. Maddie gives Kody Brown a box, which makes him very uneasy.

When Kody opens it though, he sees a baby pacifier. Maddie is pregnant! The bad news is, the baby is due in March and there are already a lot of March birthdays in their polygamous family. Everyone is thrilled, as this is the first grandchild in the Sister Wives household.

Sister Wives airs every Sunday, 8 p.m. on TLC.