January 14, 2018
WWE's Paige Posts Optimistic Updates On Instagram Amid Retirement Rumors After Scary Neck Injury

WWE's Paige appears to be clinging on to hope that her career in professional wrestling is not over yet even after Sasha Banks delivered a devastating kick that caused a "stinger" neck injury and sparked rumors that the British grappler is being forced into retirement.

According to the PW Insider, the 25-year-old WWE diva's days inside the ring might be over as sources revealed how WWE won't allow her to be in the ring after receiving another neck injury.

Based on the report, 2018 was supposed to be her big comeback into the pro wrestling industry. Unfortunately, it looks like that may no longer happen as she is not in a similar situation as with WWE Hall of Famer Adam "Edge" Copeland.

Saraya-Jade Bevis, who is more popularly known as WWE's Paige, was told that she won't be cleared to enter the ring again during Monday's taping of Raw, the outlet revealed.

"It was believed at the time that Paige had suffered a stinger, leading to her losing feeling in her extremities," said PW Insider, explaining that the 25-year-old pro wrestler's medical history might have become a major factor with the company's decision.

"Given her previous neck surgery, WWE pulled her from the ring and set up further testing that led to this week's decision."
Since then, speculations about Paige's retirement emerged, with the Daily Mail digging up some of the WWE star's other medical conditions such as scoliosis that may impede her from doing what she has become known for in the industry.

Despite that, WWE's Paige appeared to be more optimistic than ever that the tides would turn in her favor based on her most recent post on Instagram. Using a photo that captured her love for the role she has been portraying since 2005, the 25-year-old pro wrestler told her four million followers that it is still not over.

In response, her fans posted their well-wishes for the WWE star on the comments panel and echoed her optimism.

"Get well soon..... U will be back I know," one wrote.

"Paige you don't deserve this after all you been through prayers go out to you," another chimed in.

Some even directed their disappointment at her contender, Sasha Banks, who delivered the blow that caused her "stinger" neck injury.

While others came to Sasha's defense, Paige's fans' anger cannot be quelled easily as some noted that the diva's previous neck injury was very well known that those in the WWE ring should know better than to exploit it.
Those who have been monitoring WWE updates would know that Paige had been set aside for a while after a neck injury that prompted her to undergo surgery. After passing a medical examination, the company cleared her to re-enter the ring, only to incur yet another injury in the same spot.

Of course, there is still more to the situation than fans or the media know as GiveMeSport.com noted that there is still no official word from Paige, WWE, or the medical team about her supposed retirement as of the writing of this article so it is best to take WWE's Paige's supposed retirement with a grain of salt.