Selena Gomez Reportedly Ready To Reconcile With Mom If She Will Accept Romance With Justin Bieber

Selena Gomez and her mom Mandy have always been close but they recently have a major fall out after the “Same Old Love” singer rekindled her romance with Justin Bieber. However, a new report claims that the former child star is now ready to reconcile with her mom if she will accept the fact that she and the “Love Yourself” crooner are back together.

According to a Hollywood Life source, the 25-year-old singer and actress is trying to move forward from her misunderstanding with her mom, saying, “Selena is definitely ready to build bridges with her mom again, but she’s waiting for her to make the first move.” The insider then added that “They fell out over Selena allowing Justin back into her life again, and as far as Selena is concerned, her relationship with Justin is not up for debate, so either her mom needs to accept it, or butt out.”

The source then went on to say that if her mom will still not take her romance with Justin Bieber well, then Selena Gomez “has nothing to say to her.” This mother-daughter quarrel has definitely gone a little too far that it has severely affected their super close relationship.

Mandy understandably worries about Selena Gomez being hurt again by the 23-year-old singer and songwriter since the pair had a rocky on-and-off relationship for years. Selena has previously opened up about her failed relationship with Justin Bieber where she shockingly revealed that she hit a rough patch after being heartbroken. It appears that this is exactly what her mom is trying to avoid right now.

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Knowing that Selena Gomez is old enough to make her decisions, Mandy told Gossip Cop that her daughter “can live her life however she wants as long as she is happy, safe and healthy.”

The whole world has witnessed the former Hollywood power couple fall in love and break up numerous times. Just when people were convinced that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber have finally split up for good, the duo rekindled their romance once again.

After the news broke that Jelena may be an item again, the pair has been spotted together multiple times, looking more and more like a couple.


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