'RHOA' News: Kandi Burruss Denies Wanting Kim Zolciak, NeNe Leakes Agrees And Calls Kim A Liar

The drama never ends for the ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta. The drama from Sunday's broadcast spilled over into real life after Kim Zolciak implied that Kandi Burruss came on to her during the show. Shortly after, Kandi took to Instagram to shut Kim down, claiming that she was lying, reports People.

"I'm sick of these b****es lying on me. I have NEVER wanted you or your b**. And stop swearing on your kids while you're telling lies. Lying a** b***h. Somebody's really reaching for a permanent peach here... This is my house. You're just a visitor."
Kim Zolciak doubled down on her claims, however, claiming that Kandi and her husband, Todd Tucker, were swingers. She also hit back at Kandi's assertion that she was using Kandi to secure her role on the show.

"If anybody is lying it's you You and your husband are full on swingers f*****g all kinds of girls and can NEVER admit it. And b***h if it weren't for me there would be no house. Remember I built this house!"

This is far from the first time that Kandi and Kim have been engaged in public spats. Early in RHOA's history, the once-good friends fell out after Kim Zolciak allegedly withheld money owed to Kandi for her work on "Tardy to the Party." The ladies eventually made up, but Zolciak's comments tonight have undoubtedly disrupted their reconciliation.

Users on social have wasted no time adding their two cents to the conversation. At the time of this writing, RHOA is still trending on Twitter, with nearly 20,000 tweets inside of its hashtag. As usual, RHOA viewers are split with their allegiance. Some users are using this situation with Kim to validate the already-debunked claim by Phaedra Parks that Kandi Burruss is a sexual deviant.

Some users, however, are siding with Kandi and condemning Kim Zolciak. To them, Kim is in the wrong and is using this drama with Kandi to validate her return to the show.

Kandi Burruss also found herself an unlikely ally in NeNe Leakes. NeNe, who is also embroiled in a bitter feud with Kim, showed that she was clearly on team Kandi when she posted "she's always lying" in the comment section of Kandi's call out post.

Kim Zolciak and NeNe have had their own issues throughout the years. None, however, have been as contentious their most recent blowup, which was ignited after Kim's daughter, Brielle, claimed to have found roaches in NeNe's home. Since then, both women have traded several jabs back and forth. NeNe's show of solidarity with Kandi proves that their feud probably won't be over for some time.