Scott Disick Slammed On Social Media As Sofia Richie ‘Looks Like His Daughter’

Romain MauriceGetty Images for Haute Living

Scott Disick has been sharing quite a few photos of his new girlfriend, Sofia Richie, on social media, and his last one has caused some serious backlash. Disick has been dating Richie for several months now, but there was something about his recent photo that really made people unhappy.

For starters, Richie has been sporting a darker hair color. This has earned her plenty of Kardashian comparisons, with quite a few people saying she looks similar to Disick’s ex-girlfriend — and the mother of his three kids — Kourtney Kardashian. In fact, if you didn’t know that Disick was dating Richie, you might even mistake her for his now-ex.

It’s no secret that Disick has been a bit of a playboy over the past couple of years (since his split from Kardashian), but he seems to have found something special with Richie — and he isn’t afraid to flaunt their romance for all to see.

Aside from Richie’s hair color, people have been picking on her because of her age. The 34-year-old Disick is robbing the proverbial cradle, dating a woman who is 15 years his junior. While this has pretty much always been a topic of online discussion, Disick’s latest Instagram photo has caused quite an eruption of negative comments, many people unable to get over just how young Richie looks.

The comments on Disick’s post suggest that he is dating a girl who “looks like his daughter,” or “looks like his little sister.” And the nasty comments didn’t stop there, of course. The post has been liked well over 180,000 times since Disick posted it just about an hour ago. There have been tons of negative reactions in direct response to Richie’s age and how her relationship with Disick seems wildly inappropriate, some even calling it “disgusting.”

You can take a look at Disick’s post below. You’ll notice that the two are sitting on the side of a helicopter, one that landed on a yacht. Richie might still be a teenager, but it’s beyond clear that she is living her best life.

The boat is way 2 long we had 2 chop it

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Disick has not responded to any of the criticism surrounding his relationship with Richie. It seems the more he is criticized, the more stuff he posts, and it ends up being a vicious cycle.