Joanna Lumley To Dazzle The Film World As First Female Host Of The BAFTA Film Awards In 20 Years

The month of February will be quite exciting for film lovers as Joanna Lumley has been chosen to host the BAFTA this 2018. She would be the first woman to host it solo in nearly 20 years, making it an event to be remembered.

Ever charming, Joanna Lumley is not taking the responsibility lightly and has every intention of making it a smooth and enchanting affair.

Recapturing attention through the film, Absolutely Fabulous, Joanna is well positioned to host the prestigious British film awards and will no doubt do so with the style and class she is known for.

She is succeeding Stephen Fry in the role of host for the film awards. According to Breaking News, the last woman to host the British Academy Film Awards was American actress Ruby Wax in 1996.

Stephen Fry had hosted the awards 12 times previously before stepping down, opening the way for Joanna Lumley's coming into the role. The actress herself had surmised that Mr. Fry would be hosting the awards in perpetuity and was surprised to see his resignation.

As reported by the Times of India, the BAFTA awards will be held on February 18 at the magnificent Royal Albert Hall in the city of London.


Joanna Lumley is a veritable treasure to film and while she is best known in Britain, Martin Scorsese is an avowed fan of the actress. According to IBT Times, the director is known to be a fan of hers and she played a role in his film, The Wolf of Wall Street. She also lent a memorable performance in the films James and The Giant Peach and On Her Majesty's Secret Service, with George Lazenby as James Bond.

The beloved and ever charming actress will bring a unique element to the BAFTA awards this year. Armed with humor and wit, she will be a more than worthy successor to her predecessor Stephen Fry. The world couldn't ask for a more fitting choice. She will make this year's BAFTA awards an event to remember and is something for every film lover across the world to look forward to and enjoy.