Bomb Squad Forgets Fake Bombs At Airport, Causes Real Bomb Scare

Sydney, Australia – The domestic airport was temporarily shut down in Sydney, causing the bomb squad to be called in to solve a problem caused … by the bomb squad.

Investigators are looking into a major bombs scare from last summer when the domestic airport of Sydney, Australia was shut down on July 4. One of the parking garages was partially closed when fake bombs were found hidden in a returned rental car’s glove box, reports

These were placed for a military training exercise, but the problem is, they just weren’t found. We’re guessing the trainers forgot they put them there as well, leaving some poor random schmuck scared out of his wits.

The fake bombs were found by Hertz rental cars cleaners a “fortnight” after the vehicle was returned to the airport, reports MSN Now.

Australian Federal Police bomb disposal experts were summoned to the scene to examine the “bombs,” and found that they were their own fake training bombs. They checked Hertz records and found that the car in question was one of several that they’d rented for six-and-a-half weeks. The pieces are slowly coming together, aren’t they Defence Police Training Centre at Holsworthy Barracks?

Anyway, an officer from the training camp confirmed that they were fake bombs, used to help students become “close personal protection operatives” or CPPOs, elite military bodyguards.

The Defence Command Support Training Centre and the Army Administrative Inquiry Centre are both still investigating this incident, but the lesson seems painfully obvious to us: Always remember to pick up your toys.